Accidentally in Love?

Life is full of unknown events. These events could be little, like acing that class you thought you were going to fail, to big things, like getting paired with an amazing roommate or finding love. I feel like finding love is something that we have all thought about. Who will we love? Where will we meet them? Why did we meet out of the whole millions of people out here? The beginning of someone’s love story is unique and personal to them. I wanted to hear about the love stories of people’s parents, because it is fascinating how meeting one person can change your life. Therefore, I asked how most of my close friends’ parents met.

My parents

My parents met at Harold Washington College during the summer, trying to get more credits for college for the fall. My mom was going up the escalator while my dad was going down. My mom told me that my dad would stare at her, then look away every time they saw each other on campus. Finally, my mom wrote my dad a note (girl power) saying that she seen him around campus and here is her phone number. We still have it at home.


Friend #1

“My parents met during a night out at a club in Poland.”


Friend #2

“They were both a graduation party for a mutual friend. My dad saw my mom and went up to her to talk. He told her she was beautiful and asked if they could go out together. My mom said no. My dad got my mom’s contact information, and continued to ask her out until she said yes.”


Friend #3

“My parents both went to the University of Michigan. They were in the same orientation group, but didn’t officially meet until the summer after their sophomore year when they both did a program in D.C. My dad had a long distance girlfriend at the time, but one night got drunk and went to my mom’s room and told her he liked her.” It is funny how little or much detail each of my friends knew about their parents’ relationships. Maybe some of my friends don’t really care, but I think in the end it’s not about how many details we know about how they met. It is about that chemistry that no one else can ever feel except for those two people, because that is someone else's personal experience. This one experience has led to multiple things happening like marriage, buying a house together, and kids (My friends and me).

That is why is it scary to me. What are the odds that you and your “soulmate” meet? I would say pretty slim. The chances that you were at the right place and at the right time is slight. But my parents and other parents’ stories make me hopeful that everything will come together. That love is more powerful than fate or destiny.


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