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A Comprehensive List Of All The Recent Water Bottle Trends

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Who doesn’t love a reusable water bottle? A planet-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles, the reusable water bottle lets you have cold water on the go, and with all the options available as of late, you can find one to suit your personality and vibe with a quick Google search. There are so many different reusable water bottles on the market right now, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with which one is “in” or “out.” Since having a water bottle on your arm is now as commonplace as a purse, I’m going to give you a comprehensive rundown on all the recent water bottle trends, as far back as the OG Hydro Flask trend in 2019. 

The Hydro Flask

My first memory of the now widely-recognized water bottle trend began in 2019 with the explosive popularity of the Hydro Flask, although sources say that we can trace this trend way back to the arrival of the Nalgene water bottle on the hiking scene in the 1970s. Indeed, brands like Nalgene and S’well were the first to make water bottles a trendy accessory as luxury wellness became popularized in the 2000s, but I would argue that neither had such a widespread, instant boom of popularity as the Hydro Flask. If you were a teenager during 2019, you probably remember the rise of the VSCO girl as one of the first emerging TikTok trends, with teen girls posting videos on the platform with their Hydro Flasks and big t-shirts and scrunchies. Whereas before, the reusable water bottle represented someone who was athletic and cool, the Hydro Flask was the first time that a water bottle was representative of a certain aesthetic. It said something about what you did for fun (i.e.: making friendship bracelets, spending time by the river or pool with friends, posting said activities on VSCO with the F2 filter), what your social life looked like (active, to say the least), and what general vibe you occupied (a beachy, California cool girl essence). Even today, the Hydro Flask confers a certain laid-back, outdoorsy vibe, and it remains a classic staple for water bottle fans everywhere. 

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The Yeti

The Yeti craze may have been more demure, but anyone who was anyone had their morning iced coffee in their monogrammed Yeti cup at my high school. The Yeti Rambler may be made for coffee, but it was one of the first cups to be made multi-purpose by the users, especially with those leftover “save the turtles” metal straws from our VSCO girl days. The stainless steel walled cup comes in a variety of colors and can be customized with a name or monogram (to the delight of many Southern mamas). Now more popular with an older crowd, the Yeti still occupies a space in the outdoors scene, but is less popular as a multi-use aesthetic cup for everyday purposes. 

The Stanley 

The ultimate clean girl essential, the Stanley means business. The classic tumbler comes in 27 colors, and 5 sizes . It’s the perfect staple to tote around with your Summer Fridays or Rhode Beauty lip balm after a pilates class, or to have on hand while studying for an important exam. It’s infamous for keeping your drinks so ice cold, that a fire can’t even make it sweat. The Stanley reached peak popularity around New Year’s of 2024, when Starbucks launched its Valentine’s Day collab with the company, sending suburban parents into mass hysterias inside Targets around the country, with fights breaking out to secure the special edition color. If you want a water bottle that is trendy and trustworthy, the Stanley cup is your best friend. That being said, recently there has been a lead scandal revolving around the Stanley cup. Despite claims that the liquid inside the Stanley cup does not come into contact with the lead pellet at the base of the cup used in vacuum-sealing the cup, customers at home have been finding conflicting results using at-home lead test strips. The company is undergoing a class action lawsuit at this time, so make sure to read up on the details before purchasing this newly coveted product. 

The Owala FreeSip

The Owala is probably the most recent water bottle trend. The Owala FreeSip comes in fifteen colors, has two metal options, and five size options. The Owala is fun and convenient, combining the popular straw element with a spill-proof lid and insulation that gives you the best of both worlds. The broader Owala brand also includes the tumbler style made popular by the Stanley. The multi-color combinations make the water bottle a trendy and distinguishing accessory for the busy, hydrated individual. 

Brumate up next? 

My prediction for the next water bottle trend has to be the Brumate Era or Rotera. The fashionable and sleek styles have already permeated certain wellness circles, and the brand boasts all the most popular styles with a sophisticated twist. With a sleek matte finish and new-on-the-market patterns, the Brumate confers a trendy kind of elegance. All those clean girl college grads looking to level up in the workplace or their local gym may find the Brumate as their next emotional support water bottle. 

If you’re looking for a new water bottle, any of the above are certainly viable options. Not only are they all recently on-trend, but they’re certainly all durable, which is an important quality when purchasing anything, especially something that is supposed to mitigate waste. Having an on-trend water bottle is fun, but if your goal is to be environmentally conscious, remember to practice conscious consumption when it comes to these luxury cups. Hopefully, this list has given you the tools to pick which water bottle best matches your vibe and your needs as a water drinker so you can make the most informed decision when it comes to your next water bottle investment.

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