8 Ways to Justify Your Favorite Flannels

(Tyler Guerin ‘19, Justin Clark ‘19)


Summer clothing is fun for music festivals, the country club, or the beach, but now that we’ve put away the sun hats and shaken the sand from our toes, ‘tis officially the season… no, not the season of pine trees and frosted windows, the season of sweater weather, pumpkin patches, and coziest of all, comfy flannels! Since there is no such thing as a raggedy flannel (sometimes they look even better with holes!) and you can never have too many, here are eight occasions for you “plaid-hoarders” to wear your favorite wardrobe staple repeatedly without your friends wondering why you don’t wash your clothes.


1. Because it’s a lazy Sunday.

There’s no worse feeling than rolling out of bed Sunday afternoon and realizing how much work you have to do before Monday. Fear not! You can dramatically cut down the time it takes to leave your room in the morning by putting your trust in your most dependable article of clothing. It’s comfy enough to be weekend wear but just structured enough to throw you into work mode.

Charlotte Freccia ‘19


Olivia Lindsay ‘19


2. Because you need to dress up but don’t feel like it.

If you have a lunch date with your crush in an hour but can’t bring yourself to change out of your pajamas then this is the look for you. A long flannel is just as cozy as a nightgown or long t-shirt. Pairing this look with tights, boots, and a sweater will make you look fashionable and keep you warm! It’s easy and people will think you got your men’s thrift store flannel from a hip women’s boutique.

Jessye Holmgren-Sidell ‘16


3.Because you’re on the job.

Tired of your mundane work uniform? Spice it up with a festive flannel! The soft material will keep you comfortable all day while the collar will keep you looking put together. Who says nice button downs can’t be made of wool?

Lena Mazel ‘18


4. Because you need to layer up (or down!).

A button up is especially great for the transition weather at the end of summer and beginning of winter. Layer it with a vest or a sweater to add a more formal look, or unbutton it if you get too hot! You can even tie the bottom in a knot and pair it with high - waisted bottoms! Layers will take you anywhere from a morning of classes to an afternoon of hiking without the need to change.

Aaron Davis ‘19


Audrey Avril ‘19


5. Because your outfit needs an accessory.

If your outfit needs a pop of color, tie a flannel around your waist like a belt! You’ll look trendy and this way, you can wear loose tops AND accentuate your waist. Plus, if you get cold, you’ll have an extra layer to protect you from the chill of autumn.


Mollie Greenberg ‘19


6. Because you’re constantly on-the-go.

If your fall jacket clashes with your workout clothes, flannel is the way to go, my friend. A flannel is easy to throw over any outfit and is practical for virtually any activity. You can even tie a plaid shirt to your bicycle in case the temperature drops! You’ll have an easier time identifying your bike and you’ll have something to match even your sports jersey!


Bailey Zervas ‘19


7. Because why not?

You can’t blame anyone for adding a flannel onto an outfit for fear of separation. Whether you’re making a bold statement or just craving the hominess of your favorite shirt, the addition of a flannel to most any outfit will give off an effortless flare. Try wearing it in an unconventional way. A flannel as a scarf is fashion with function.

Daniel De Andrade ‘19


8. Because you “woke up like this.”

The last seven suggestions were certainly useful, but let’s be real, this look will clearly come in handy the most. Whether you can’t find your jacket, plan to attend a sports game, or just miss your bed, this look will certainly keep you warm! Tip: a fleece-lined flannel works the best.

Rachel Mitchell ‘16


Whether you’re a plain Jane or fashion-forward, if you don’t own a flannel, you’re not doing it right. As long as you have a flannel in your closet, your wardrobe is timeless. If not, try not to feel too left out when your friends show up to brunch in their lazy Sunday flannels!