5 Great Things About Staying at Kenyon for Fall Break

As a California girl living in the middle of cornfields for the majority of the year, I had to recognize from the start that flying home is expensive. Going home for Fall Break was always out of the question, and for me at least, frankly not worth the trip to be back in Orange County. I don’t mind staying on campus. Based on my experience of staying here as a freshman last year, here are some of the things to enjoy in the last couple days of break if you’re staying in Gambier!

1.  Spending Time With Friends

More likely than not, you’re not the only person you know staying on campus over Fall Break. Even if you don’t know anyone staying, there are more people than you think, and it’s a great time to sit with someone new in Peirce, for example!

Fall Break was an opportunity for me to spend time with friends who I perhaps did not see all that often or only saw in groups. It’s fun for meeting up with people you want to know better to chat over coffee or have study sessions for midterms or whatever else you think of!

2.  Peace and Quiet at Kenyon

With so many people off campus, you might think Kenyon is going to feel... empty. It is true that there are far less people here than usual, but it’s oddly tranquil. Kenyon is beautiful with the coming of fall, and the beauty of silence is even more appreciated when it’s actually present. Take it in while you can, before everyone starts coming back...

3.  Sleeping

Fairly self-explanatory. No one sleeps enough in college. Catch up while you can.

4.  Exploring Gambier (And/Or Mount Vernon!)

There is much more to this area than just Kenyon. Have you ever been to the BFEC? On the Gap Trail? Seen the Kokosing? Neither had I. Fall Break is the perfect time for an adventure! Go on a pensive walk or venture into the great outdoors with your friends, and see where the path takes you! Last year, two of my friends and I spent the Thursday evening after dinner walking down past the Kenyon sign to the BFEC, because we had never been there before. We had a ton of fun exploring and seeing this other part of campus that we kind of forgot about in our busy lives in Gambier!

5.  Studying?

Believe it or not, Fall Break is meant for studying. They are technically “Reading Days,” and I’m sure you have collected quite a bit of work to do over the extended weekend.

There are so many benefits to staying at Kenyon, so enjoy the last couple of days of Fall Break!