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2 Broke Girls is Back for Season Two

What do breastfeeding, Polish women, bowling trophies, fraud, and an overactive laugh track all have in common? They all factored into the second season premiere of 2 Broke Girls.

The opening scene brings us to the diner where Max and Caroline waitress as they watch a mother breastfeeding a boy much too old, opening the door for jokes and puns such as “would your son like some coffee for the milk?”

Flash-forward to a visit to Caroline’s father in jail. who asks that Max and Caroline get Caroline’s horseback riding trophy back at the family’s estate auction. He is adament that the girls win back the “Loving Cup” which leads Max to believe (and convince Caroline) that there must be money in the cup!

Once at the auction, the plot takes a turn for the obvious. Caroline, too embarrassed to show her face in front of all the people who will supposedly recognize her as the daughter of her law-breaking father, disguises herself in the form of what Max calls the “every brunette to show their face in Hollywood” look (referencing herself perhaps?).

As the auction progresses, Caroline’s identity changes nearly every other minute from Zooey Deschanel, to Jennifer Love Hewitt, and finally Katie Holmes. During the auctioning of the cup, a flamboyant old man with a small dog bidding against the girls gives up when Max begs him to pity “Katie Holmes” and all of the hard things she has gone through over the past couple of months.

Finally, what else but the obvious, there’s no money in the cup–but it doesn’t matter because the cup reunites Caroline and her prison-bound father, and that’s all that should matter anyways–or so says Caroline’s dad.

So yes, the 2 Broke Girls spend 200 dollars on a cup with no money in it anyway, and end up losing way more than they earned. But it doesn’t matter, because Max met Caroline’s dad and that’s all she seems to care about, and now the girls are even further away from starting their cupcake business dream. End of episode. Til next Tuesday.

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