Would You Let Your Friend Choose Your Tattoo? I Did, and Here’s What Happened.

Pjs? Check. Face mask? Check. Snug as a bug watching NCIS with my fur baby Bella by my side? You already know it! iPhone? Check. A girl can multitask (especially when she has binge-watched this crime show three times through . . . Shamelessly)!

My phone lights up. Celeste, my best friend, DMed (direct messaged) me a BuzzFeed video. I already know I am going to be entertained! What I didn’t know was that this viewing would play a hand in my future. 

Here is the video I'm referring to!

An idea was born! This is already something I would do! Friends picking out tattoos for one another? Brilliant! Now I know not all of you are with me, and that is okay! However, I found this concept super inspiring! You only live once. It is not as dangerous as swimming with sharks (which I also want to do)!

Anyways, I don’t think Celeste realized what she signed up for by pressing send. After the clip ended, I bothered her incessantly about picking out a tattoo for me. She has lovely taste, but giggled nervously anytime I brought up getting inked. I did not see any reason to fret! I trust her! Yet, she always tried to explain to me the cons. For example, I may not like what she picked. Oh, and it is permanent! You see, Cel would describe me as cute but psycho! I don’t even try to deny it; I embrace it. In the end though, I won! She finally agreed to pick my tattoo! We both knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of when. 

I was no help to Celeste in the decision-making process. I gave zero guidelines when she asked. I just offered that she knew what I liked since we always send each other cute tattoo ideas. 

I know, I am the worst. She was way more freaked out than me, and I don’t blame her because what a nerve-wracking task. However, my lack of input helped make sure her choice of ink for me was authentic. I did not want to interfere! She knows me better than me most of the time, so I knew she would not fail! Plus, I am so relaxed. I think little old ladies with 'tatts' look badass, so worry was not on my mind. 

The end result of this endeavor? The most amazing little tattoo ever! A delicate script "M" on the side of my wrist. Celeste describes it as low-key, classic and chic. I would agree, tanks Cel! You did great! It will always make me think of you and your thoughtfulness! It also reminds me of my sisters! We all have “M” names: Maddie, McKenna, and my sweet baby sister Mollie.  My tattoo: 

Here are the inspiration pics Cel found (also very cute!):

My face hurts from smiling! I’m very happy with my decision. It is good to challenge yourself. So, even if tattoos are not your thing, get out of your comfort zone and try something new!