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Why You Should Read “Daisy Jones & the Six” Before the Show is Released

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If you are well-versed in the book world, you have most likely heard of Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of “Daisy Jones & the Six.” I am a die-hard Daisy Jones fan and my life goal is to make everyone read that book.

This week, when I saw the cast post pictures from the first day of production of the Daisy Jones & the Six TV show, I genuinely jumped around in the library. I was so excited and I need to share this excitement. So here is why you should read “Daisy Jones & the Six” prior to the release of the show.

Sidenote because this novel is formatted in interviews, the audiobook is phenomenal. I highly recommend, especially since the audiobook has a full cast of characters. When I listened to the audiobook, I felt like I was listening to an interview with actual people.

My number one reason for anyone to read this book is the characters. They are what makes the story so riveting and enjoyable. Flawed and complex characters are what makes this book better than other books. The characters make mistakes, they are not always the best of people, but I still root for them. The characters in Daisy Jones feel so real that I have to constantly convince myself that they did not exist. It is quite disappointing to be honest.

This book is also such a feminist piece of literature. I feel like such an empowered woman while reading it because Daisy Jones is a powerhouse of a woman. Within the first twenty pages, Daisy says, “I am not a muse. I am the somebody. End of…story.” This quote rocks me to my core. The book also includes women backing women and demanding recognition where recognition is due. Which is so refreshing to see in books.

The exploration of addiction really touches my heart. As I was growing up, my father was an alcoholic. He is now nine years sober and I could not be prouder of him. But exploring addiction is something that I feel books do not always get right. But this book. This book. Hits addiction on the head and it feels so true to what addiction is like. Too often, books romanticize the idea of addiction and alcoholism and this book does not do that, but manages to explore the topic. It shows the truth behind substance abuse, without glamorizing it, and instead showing that recovery is possible.

Now, the cast of this show is stunning. Sam Clafin (who played Finnick in “The Hunger Games” series) is playing the male lead and he could not be more perfect for the role. Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis Presley, stars as Daisy Jones and could not be more perfect for this role. I am so genuinely excited to see this cast bring their characters to life.

Let’s also mention the music. With the production of the show, comes the production of the albums and songs from the novel, which is the most exciting part of this show for me. I have been dying to listen to the album “Aurora” and it does not even exist. Reading through the lyrics in the back of the novel has always felt so personal to me. The songs are so touching and I genuinely cannot wait to hear them come to life. Also I just want to live out my inner-fantasy of being at a “Daisy Jones & the Six” concert.

“Daisy Jones & the Six” is one of the best novels of all time. I genuinely think everyone could learn something important from the storyline. This books makes me smile, laugh and also cry uncontrollably. But that is what makes a good novel, a good novel. I highly recommend picking up the book and reading it prior to the release of the show on Amazon Prime. Happy reading!

Allison Conkey

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