Why you should be wearing sunscreen daily

I think we’ve all become a little too comfortable with not wearing sunscreen daily, and now that its summer its incredibly crucial. Every good aesthetician or cosmetologist will tell you that sunscreen should be worn all year round, and with the number of people who get skin cancer on the rise its more important than ever to wear sunscreen. However, there are so many more benefits than just that:

Beneficial for skin

Sunscreen protects the keratin, collagen and elasticity in your skin. These are the things that keep your skin looking young and heathy. The more often you wear sunscreen, starting when you’re younger = the younger your skin will stay looking.

Protects you from UV rays

Don’t get me wrong, you definitely still need your daily dose of vitamin D but with the depleting o-zone layers it’s vital that we protect our skin from the harmful cancer causing rays.

Decreases blemishes and dark spots

You might as well call sunscreen a miracle in a bottle because it can protect you from premature ageing, dark spots or blotches on your face and getting blemishes. Isn’t that enough evidence to make you wear it every day?

Prevents sunburns

This one’s obvious, but it still happens all too often. No one wants there face to be tight, red and peeling, that’s not good for anybody’s foundation. You’ll thank me later when your friends all have sunburns from being at the beach all day without sunscreen, and you’re the ones whose face is still dewy and flawless.

Protects you from skin cancer

Skin cancer is on the rise and there’s only one thing you can do to combat it, wear sunscreen.  Every day that you don’t where sunscreen adds up and can turn into Melanoma, which is one of most common cancers among young adults.


You are not protected through long sleeves or cloudy days, UV rays can get to you either way so make sure you’re wearing sunscreen with titanium dioxide, avobenzone and zinc oxide. Put it everywhere head to toe, including lips by using protective lip balm. Trust me, this one extra step in the morning will be worth it in the long run.