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Finally we have reached the Spring season, out with the cold and in with the spring fashion trends. What’s in your closet? Are you wearing baggy denim, toting an oversized bag? Maybe you’re into fringe or 90’s minimalism. All of those current fashion trends are taking over our wardrobe as we’re transitioning our sweaters for crop tees and flowy clothing. If you’re anything like me you may be in need of a closet refresh. However, with everything going up in price from eggs to gas it may not be in your budget to transform your closet. I’m here to help you refresh your closet in the most affordable way. 

First things first check out your spring clothing inventory. Take away all of the things that may not fit anymore and the things you are no longer interested in and review what you have left. The best way to refresh your closet is to mix and match different pieces to create an entire new look. You don’t always have to purchase new clothing to have a different look. Try experimenting with color, neons, pastels, lights and darks. Your best friend will be the color wheel. Try to choose colors across from one another or right next to each other on the color wheel. You will then see that you have endless possibilities. 

Next we find ourselves practicing a common fashion concept; sustainability by thrifting. Believe it or not thrifting even finds its way onto fashion runways!

Season two of the Netflix series Next In Fashion surrounds an entire challenge around thrifting. Designers were tasked with creating an entire new look from gently used clothing. You can almost always find hidden gems within shopping. Try venturing off to different stores opposed to the stores that you normally thrift at. 

Lastly, an important element to have when you are shopping or trying to find items to mix and match is finding a sense of inspiration. Looking at platforms like Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok are great search engines for duplicating outfits and spicing up your wardrobe. Take this influencer for example. Here she plays with color and gives her audience outfit inspiration.


Sharing a few tips I use to wear more color! Full color theory breakdown on my youtube channel! #TikTokFashion

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So what does all of this mean? You don’t have to have tons of money to look good. You can simply go inside of your closet and use what you already have.  Maybe you need a few more pieces added to your closet, you can thrift those pieces for an affordable price. As you switch out our winter clothing and break out our spring clothes keep these tips in mind. Style is not about the brand of clothing that you are wearing. It’s how you decide to wear the clothing. Fashion is truly what you decide to make. Whether you’re thinking outside of the box, wearing something out of the norm or wearing something trendy.  All of it is what makes up the fashion world that we love. Go ahead and refresh that closet! The world of fashion is waiting to see what you come up with.   

London Green

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Hi, I’m London Green. I am a senior journalism major with a minor in fashion media. I love creating content that is relatable to everyone.