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What it’s Like to go Home After Being Away for so Long

Going through the college process, my number one priority was going far away from home for school. My dream school would’ve been an out of state university with a great journalism program, so when I toured Kent State I knew it was going to be the right college for me.

After my first few weeks of school, I knew that this was the perfect fit. I was never homesick, I made amazing friends and I was doing well in school. So when thanksgiving break rolled around, I was surprised as to how ready I was to go back home. Even though it was a short four day long break, I couldn’t wait to see my parents and friends.

When I got home, I made it my goal to go to see all my friends from back home and go to all of our classic food places. It was nice to be home, but by the fourth day, I was totally ready to go back to Kent.

I realized, that although I love school, I also appreciate being home as well. It was frustrating to go home and live by my parents rules when I had lived by myself for the past three months, but it’s also tiring to be at school and manage a college schedule by yourself. There are both pros and cons about being home and being at school, but going home makes me value my time at Kent and vice versa.

At Kent, I’m independent. I create my own schedule and I have to hold myself accountable. At home, there are no responsibilities. I don’t have classes and extracurriculars to worry about, just hanging out with my friends. Whether I’m at home or at school, I always miss the other place.

Before starting college, I thought I would never miss home. Why would I? I would be living on my own and wouldn’t have to follow my parents rules. But something I realized my sophomore year was that it’s okay to miss home. It’s okay to not always be happy at college, sometimes things get overwhelming and going home can help cure that.

Hey! My name is Amanda Levine and I'm from Brooklyn, NY. I love playing softball, listening to music, and watching netflix.
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