What To Do With Your Old Bras

Need some ideas on what to do with those old bras? Well here are a few:

Sell them to a secondhand store, places like Plato’s Closet will actually give you some cash for your previously owned bras. These places do have stipulations though depending on the condition of the bra and how old it is. Now you won’t get what you paid for it but it could be enough to cover your Dunkin’ Donuts order for a couple of days, which is better than just letting them sit in your drawer.


If your bras don’t meet the requirements to be brought by a secondhand store, or you don’t want to go through the hassle you can still find a new home for them. Most local thrift stores and Goodwills take your bras as donations. This is better than throwing them away to end up in a landfill or crowing up your closet, and also an excuse to go thrifting while you're there! Sounds like a good idea to me.

Maybe that bra still fits but you just don’t love the straps, or the back clasps are giving out, you don’t have to dump it just yet. Youtube and Pinterest can be great tools in showing you how to upcycle your bras. Some ideas are reworking the straps with other fabric or sewing the cups into a strapless dress for extra support.

Look within your community, most women and children’s shelters will also take your bras for donation. Bras are among the list of items needed in these shelters along with feminine hygiene products. Typically a website can be found listing what is needed, or you can call the shelter and speak to someone. Either way, be sure to contact these shelters ahead of time to set up details for dropping off your donations. 

Last but not least, donation websites like https://donateyourbras.com/ will take your old bras and donate them to women in distress or post-mastectomy. Be sure to check the guidelines on this too. This is a chance to give your bras another home and donate to a good cause.