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We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour: Kahanada Edition

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to see Noah Kahan at his ” We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour” in Toronto, Ontario. My show on April 6 was the sixth show of the Canadian tour, or as Noah likes to call it, “Kahanada”. I went to the show with two of my friends who are both diehard Noah Kahan fans. They both came home from college for the weekend to go see his concert and convinced me to come with them. Even though I didn’t know all of his songs, I am so glad I went. Despite being sick, Noah put on an amazing show and really connected with the audience. Before some of his songs he would provide a little background about what the songs meant to him which I think made the concert feel so much more personal and intimate.

For the Canadian tour dates, Noah had Canada exclusive merch which was really cool. The three Canada exclusive pieces were two shirts and a hoodie. The first shirt, which was the one I bought, is a cream color with the Canadian maple leaf on the front with all of the Canadian tour dates on the back. This same style is also on a brown hoodie which the two friends who I went with both bought. Lastly, the other Canada exclusive shirt was your typical bootleg Noah Kahan shirt but with the Canadian tour dates on the back. All three of these pieces are available on Noah Kahan’s website along with the rest of his tour merch, so even if you can’t make it to one of his shows you could still buy something.

The artist Jensen McRae, was the opener for my show and she was incredibly talented. She recently released her second album back in March titled “Are You Happy Now?” which is where about half of the songs she played were from. The other half of her set was from her first EP released in 2021 titled ” Who Hurt You?” McRae has an amazing voice and I’m excited to begin to explore her music more.

Noah had a great setlist and played a total of 18 songs. He opened up his set with “Dial Drunk” and played some of my favorites including ” Everywhere, Everything” and “You’re Gonna Go Far”. He also played “Godlight” which was completely unexpected since he does not typically sing it at every show. My favorite part of the night was when Noah announced that he was going to bring out a special guest for his final song. He ended up bringing out the one and only Shawn Mendes to sing “Stick Season” with him and I completely lost my mind. I have been a Shawn Mendes fan for years but was unable to go to his last tour since it was unfortunately canceled. Noah and Shawn’s voices blended perfectly and I need this cover on Spotify as soon as possible.

Noah Kahan put on such an amazing concert, and I would love to see him again in the future. Being able to experience this concert with two of my favorite people was so surreal and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. There are many American tour dates coming up soon, including one in Cuyahoga Falls, so if you have the opportunity to go I would highly recommend it.

Ava Murak

Kent State '27

Ava Murak is a freshman at Kent State with a major in marketing. She was born and raised in Buffalo NY and hopes to work in the fashion industry after graduation. In her free time, Ava can be found reading, shopping, listening to music, and trying out new coffee shops.