The week before finals as told by the cast of Friends

So it’s week 15 and you’re ready to start packing your things to go home for winter break, but you can’t get too ahead of yourself because you need to survive this week to make it to finals. What a better way to express how this final week feels than using FRIENDS memes.

1. Those last few straggling assignments from each class

For some reason 14 other weeks of assignments were easy and breezy. However, this last week just makes it all seem so difficult. Then all of a sudden even your favorite professors are your worst enemy just because they asked you to watch a video and write a paragraph on it.

2. Thanksgiving break was the worst tease ever

Just two weeks ago we had our taste of freedom. Though ignoring the assignments that were due the Monday after seemed like a good idea that week, Sunday night comes around and you have until 11:59 p.m. to complete them all.  Then the professors ask why so many of us decided to put it off until the very last minute.

3. When you realize you only have 12 dollars left on your meal plan

The big steak dinners and cupcakes tasted good throughout the entire semester, but now you’re left with only enough money to feed yourself once this entire week so you decide to remind your roommate of those times you helped them out to see if they’ll share their meal plan with you.  

4. Even the slightest of things could make you become the grumpiest person ever  

When you’re three peer reviews, two essays and four exams away from winter break, you’re ready to breakdown at any moment. When you’re more far away than you are close, even the littlest things could make you angry. And sometimes this anger gets the best of our thoughts.

5. Avoiding the “My Grades” section of Blackboard probably was not the best idea

There are sometimes when you really just assume you’re doing well in your classes and you’d rather rely on your gut feeling than actually looking at your grades. But as you are calculating what you need on the final to get an A in the class, you open up your grades and your gut was wrong.

6. When you use the “only one more episode” excuse while watching Netflix

You’re six episodes deep into Grey’s Anatomy and for some reason every time you say one more, that one more turns into another “one more.” Hey, Grey’s has science in it, so technically it’s studying.

7. That “Free Pizza in the Library” email

One of the very few positives of this week is free food. Since you’re not exactly the richest when it comes to your meal plan, free food is always a positive.

8. Oh, and let’s not forget about the stress relieving dogs

One thing that’s better than free food are dogs. So when you hear that stress relieving dog sessions are going on at the library, you drop everything you’re doing and go. How could you say no to such cute little faces?

9. It’ll be over soon

Though it may seem like the worst time in college, you’re almost done. Once this semester is over it’ll be time to rest up just to do it all over again in the spring.