Tulle is Trending: 7 Pieces to Shop Now

When a trend as over the top as tulle can withstand a pandemic that has comfortable, lowkey athleisure styles skyrocketing in popularity, you know it's here to stay. Designers like Molly Goddard have been onto tulle for years, Rihanna herself has been rocking the trend since 2017, but 2020 is the year it began to really infiltrate fast fashion and thus, the wardrobes of the masses. In February of this year, just over a month before the majority of the country went into quarantine, Kylie Jenner graced Harper's Bazaar in a creamsicle orange tulle gown by Giambattista Valli. While pieces by Molly Goddard and Giambattista Valli may not be quite in the budget for the typical college woman, there are some pretty great tulle pieces for sale at go-to stores like Forever 21, Free People and H&M. Keep reading to find your favorite new piece!

  1. 1. Neon

    Neons are also trending, so try this two for one style.

    Shop here, 24.99

  2. 2. Bodysuit

    Extra? Yes. But also gorgeous! *adds to cart*

    Shop here, $58

    Shop similar item here, $28

  3. 3. Socks

    If you're just looking to dip your toes in the trend (literally or figuratively), then these are for you.

    Shop here, $20

  4. 4. Puff Sleeve

    You can't go wrong with a puff sleeve, so why not try a tulle puff sleeve? I have a similar style in pink, my personal favorite.

    Shop here, $18

  5. 5. Skirt

    For a classic take on the trend, try a skirt - but keep it interesting with a fun color!

    Shop here, $24.99

  6. 6. Polka Dots

    Polka dots offer a fun twist on the trend!

    Shop here, $40.60

  7. 7. Dress

    Seeing as we are in quarantine you may not have an occasion to wear a dress like this but should the opportunity arrive, this dress is so much fun, a must! It reminds me of a Giambattista Valli gown J Lo wore to a premiere in December 2018.

    Shop here, $126.40