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Trying to Get Christmas to Feel Like it Used To

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As a child, I remember the holidays being so festive, and exciting. Now I am almost 21, and it just doesn’t feel the same as it used to. My goal for this upcoming holiday is to get back the Christmas nostalgia through watching movies, making holiday treats, decorating and making new memories.

Holidays as a Kid

As a kid, I remember Christmas being such a magical time. At school, there would be tons of parties and even a holiday choir event that parents can attend. When we finally got off for the break, I would go home and my mom would have the house decorated beautifully (and she still does). On the night before Christmas, there would be a plate of cookies out for Santa, and my sister and I would leave out “reindeer food” on our lawn. I would not be able to sleep for the entire night due to pure excitement. But when it *finally* was morning, we would rush downstairs for Christmas breakfast and gift opening.

These are memories I cherish and now as an adult, I really want to bring back some of the nostalgia that I felt as a child.


Yes, I am one of those people who decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. This year I got my first apartment so I have more freedom to decorate for the holidays! I put up a silver tree with red, green and white ornaments. I also bought strings of garland that have pine cones (I LOVE the smell of pine cones) that I hung up next to my fairy lights. It is not much, and I have to be mindful since I have a cat, but my space feels like Christmas is near!

I made a list of holiday movies that I am *trying* to finish up before the end of the year. “The Grinch”, “Klaus,” “Arthur Christmas” and “The Polar Express” are some of my favorites. I just watched the new “Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special,” and it was SO cute.

My love language is gift-giving, and to me, this is something I cherish- especially around the holidays. I love giving the important people in my life gifts- usually homemade candy and cards. Every year, I make my family Hard Tac, which is similar to any flavored hard candy. This has become one of my rituals for the holiday season since I have been doing it for so long. After I am done making it, I put them in tins and wrap them with paper, and right under the tree they go. Having presents around a tree sends me right into the Christmas spirit.

My goal is to also attend holiday-themed events that are occurring around. Holiday parades, festivals, drive-through light shows, parties, etc. Actually, as I am writing this, tonight my friends and I are having a secret Santa gift exchange at my place! I am looking into attending a nutcracker ballet sometime next week as well.

Truth be told, I don’t think I will ever be able to achieve the Christmas nostalgia I felt as a kid. However, I am very excited about this upcoming Holiday Season. A break from classes, being able to go home and spend time with loved ones, and sitting with a warm cup of hot chocolate with my cat is something I am looking forward to.

Ally Greco

Kent State '24

Heya! My name is Ally. As a recent transfer student to Kent University, I want to share my experiences, thoughts, and passions. I am a 3rd year majoring in Psychology- hence the mental health articles. I have an orange cat named Pumpkin who is five years old.