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Tree City Coffee: Home of the Most Spooktacular Coffee

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With Halloween coming around the corner, it seems like Fall is almost nearing an end. Before Fall comes to a conclusion, especially Halloween, I would recommend stopping at Tree City Coffee & Pastry found on Erie Street in Acorn Alley in Downtown Kent to get some spooktacular coffee.

My friends and I enjoy stopping at Tree City to get some coffee and other beverages on their seasonal October menu, which happens to be Halloween themed. Every month Tree City releases a different monthly menu filled with drinks that are meant to reflect the month. Currently, their October menu is filled with some horror movies like “The Nun” and other spooky references like vampires and witches.

For the sake of this article, I will be giving my honest review of a few of the lattes from the October menu. 

The first latte I tried was “The Upside Down”, a “Strangers Things” inspired drink, is a cinnamon french toast latte topped with strawberry sauce. 

When I ordered the latte, I asked for it to be decaffeinated with almond milk. Both my sister and I were not too pleased by the results as it was not as sweet as we thought it would be with the cinnamon french toast syrup. We also were not big fans of the strawberry syrup that is used as a topping and drizzled throughout the beverage. However, if you enjoy more savory coffees then this would be your cup of coffee.

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Adriana Gasiewski

The next latte I tried was “Michael’s End,” that is inspired by the character Michael Myers from the “Halloween” movie series, which is a blood orange white mocha latte.

Once again, I ordered the latte as decaffeinated with almond milk. This latte was my sister and I’s favorite, as the blood orange blends well with the white mocha to create a sweeter taste that is not too overpowering. My sister enjoying this latte says a lot as she is not a coffee lover, so if you are not too keen on coffee this latte may change that.

The final latte I tried was the “Jigsaw”, formerly named “Annabelle” last year, which is a strawberry and white chocolate latte. The “Jigsaw” latte is named after the horror movie character Jigsaw, a part of the “Saw” movie series. Since “Saw X” came out this year on September 29, I believe this is the reason for the latte to experience a name change.

Similar to the “The Upside Down” latte and “Michael’s End”, I ordered it with almond milk. The “Jigsaw” was my favorite last year as the strawberry and white chocolate blend well together to give it a sweet but not overwhelming sweet taste. I went to Tree City multiple times last year during October in order to get this latte.

For those who are not the biggest coffee fans, Tree City does offer a number of alternatives. They have chai tea lattes as well as seasonal October flavors like the “Pumpkin Patch”. In addition to chai tea lattes they also have hot chocolate and seasonal flavors such as the October one being “The Great Pumpkin”. The same goes for lemonades whose October flavor is “Hellfire Lemonade” with hot honey.

Two of the seasonal Halloween lattes in front of Tree City Coffee & Pastry.
Adriana Gasiewski

Tree City also has a great selection of pastries which are delicious in their own rights. My sister and I really enjoyed their pumpkin muffin as the cinnamon drizzle on top adds a sweet taste to the more savory treat.

Overall, I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking a taste of Halloween to stop at Tree City for a sweet beverage or treat before their seasonal October menu creeps back into its coffin.

Adriana Gasiewski

Kent State '26

Adriana Gasiewski is sophomore Journalism major with a minors in Italian and English. Besides being the Philanthropy and Community Events Coordinator and on the editorial team for Her Campus, she is also a cultural and diversity beat reporter for KentWired. Some of her favorite things to do besides writing include reading, drawing and listening to music.