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Top Ten Tracks to Listen to This Autumn

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Ahhhhh, fall is in the air! The leaves are changing, the girlies are wearing their Uggs again and spooky season is upon us! Not to sound cliche, but there is quite nothing like a new season, especially fall. You can utilize this change as a way to change yourself too. Don’t be afraid to create new aspirations and goals, as well as step out of your comfort zone (you would be surprised about what happens when you do). But, especially on campus, it can be challenging at times to romanticize the fall season. A lot of people feel lonely on their campus and, at times, overwhelmed with their classes.

However, it is important to practice the things that keep you grounded. For me, that’s music. Music has an effect on me like no other entity in this world. Artists convey emotion in songs that can act like a spiritual release of energy when they mirror your feelings correctly while acting as a form of self-care for when you need it the most. Music can alter your emotions, so I suggest that when you need some self-care or grounding the most, turn to music to help you out. Luckily, I have compiled a list of my favorite tracks right now that are getting me through the midterm season, making my walks to class gaiety and that has been playing in my head like the background tunes in a show. So, let’s go over the best songs to help you romanticize this fall season and wind down a bit (you deserve it!).

1. Somethin’ Stupid – Frank & Nancy Sinatra

For me, this has to be my favorite song of all time. I catch myself singing it all day, no matter where I am or what I am doing. Moreover, as of late, I have reflected upon how older music conveys the emotion of the human connection so effortlessly and beautifully. Why did we as a society stop making beautiful songs like this? Anyway, I am using this fall season to calm down and focus on my energy and space, which this song has been helping me do. Trust me, if you are a sucker for anything love like me, you’ll adore this tune!

2. Coming Home – Leon Bridges

Now this song, Leon Bridges is super underrated in my opinion. He gives the modern music scene a taste of the beautiful voice reminiscent of Sam Cooke and writes beautiful love songs. This song talks about how he is coming home to the love of his life, telling her everything will be alright once they are reunited. Now, whether or not you have a partner, this song is just so damn good. I play it in the car each time I drive home from campus, watching the leaves fall, romanticizing my life as though I am Rory Gilmore leaving Yale. Anyways, trust me, if you need a new goto mood-boost tune, this is the one for you.

3. I Remember Everything – Zach Bryan & Kacey Musgraves

The best part about the fall season, in my opinion, is being able to romanticize your day-to-day. Grab a pumpkin latte, read a book, put on a cozy sweater and watch the leaves fall. Being a transition season, I see autumn as the time of year we should wind down and reflect upon ourselves. Music is the perfect way to do so, as slower songs help your mind slow down too. That is exactly what this song does, as Bryan’s voice cuts through the acoustic guitar perfectly. Not to mention, the rustic feel of the song is timeless, being the perfect tune for honestly any setting this fall.

4. Oh Baby – LCD Soundsystem

One joy in life I truly do not think people entertain enough is dancing. One thing about me, I’m gonna dance! It is the perfect way to boost your mood instantly, some movement gets the blood flowing and then the next thing you know you got a boogie stuck in your woogie! For me, this song is the perfect dancing song. It has a paced beat practically made for boosting your mood, as well as a beat drop that sounds like shimmer falling from the sky. LCD Soundsystem as an artist is one of the most incredible artists I have had the pleasure to listen to, as a whole. If you love the 80s but with an oldies pace, you will love this hit.

5. IT’S tOO lATE – Carole King

What would a fall playlist be without our autumn queen, Carole King? She gave us the Gilmore Girl’s theme song, which we all know is the ultimate fall comfort show. So, if you’re familiar with the catchy “If you’re out on the road…” line, check out her other songs! This one has a beautiful keyboard and sax duet, which never fails to put a pep in your step on the way to that class!

6. Sweet November – sza

All hail the queen, SZA. What even is a playlist if SZA is not on it? I swear an angel came down from heaven and enchanted that woman with the voice of the Greek goddess Terpsichore. But, what cuter way to romanticize fall than with a song with a fall month in the title? Even if it’s not November yet, I guarantee this song will be one of your favorites!

7. Let’s Stay Together – Al green

Again, I have gone back to my roots and have been listening to some oldies non-stop. There is just nothing quite like the rich sounds of the guitar, drums and his opulent voice to accompany the mix of the beautiful arrangement. This song, again, is a perfect mood-booster and a beautiful love song. If you need a good song to play after your midterm, this is the one for you!

8. One of these nights – eagles

Talk about groovy! This hit will make you get up out of your chair and start dancing. Is that not what life is all about? Taking time to stop and smell the roses? I would like to think so. Anyways, the funk of the guitar in this hit is intoxicating, making it the perfect song to blast in the morning. Combine this hit with your morning coffee, I guarantee you’ll be walking out of the door like you are on top of the world!

9. You Make Me Feel So Young – Frank Sinatra

He is so good I had to put him in here twice. There is a reason why everyone knows his name! Sinatra composes beautiful love songs in such a timeless manner, not to mention that his voice is smooth like butter. This song in particular has an amazing arrangement, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I highly suggest this song while pumpkin carving! (sounds like the perfect evening to me!)

10. Bags- Recorded at Electric Lady Studios – Clairo

We love Clairo in this house. She has such a soft voice, all the while with cutting lyrics about coming of age, love, relationships and the perception of self in regards to the feminine agenda. However, this song in particular takes her hit “Bags,” talking about the emotions that come with a fleeting lover and combines it with the electric guitar to completely alter the original, melancholic sound of the original song. If you love Clairo and all things female-made art, check out this version of her song!

Utilize these songs this fall season in any way you want. The best part about music is that each person has their own, individualized relationship with the art. Personally, music heals me like no other and it has been these songs lately that spin on my mind like a broken record (I’m not complaining though!). With that being said, grab your headphones, put on your shoes and go smell the fall breeze with these tracks playing to set the mood!

Rielly Fabrizio

Kent State '27

Rielly Fabrizio is a first year Her Campus member and a class of 2027 Kent State University Honors College student. Majoring in psychology, she has a passion for science, especially, but also media production and education. In her free time, Rielly likes to hang out with her friends, planning daytrips to the thrift store, record store, beach and antique towns. Along with this, she loves fashion, creating playlists and hanging out with her cats! Being an extrovert, Rielly loves making new friends, visiting the city and chatting up people with similar interests. Instagram- @riellyfabrizio