Top 5 Most Relatable HIMYM Episodes

This show is full of relatable situations and comedy that will make you laugh till you cry. Throughout the whole show, I would always think about how relatable the characters and situations are. The following episodes are some of the most memorable episodes in my opinion.

1. Come on (Season 1 Episode 22)

This episode helped me realize that almost anyone can relate to Ted Mosby. Simply due to the fact that Ted makes it rain because he loves Robin so much. Throughout my 19 years, I have done some crazy things for a guy I have cared about. Ted does a rain dance on the roof just to try to prevent Robin from going camping with another man. Surprisingly, it actually works. Honestly, what girl wouldn't want someone to perform a rain dance for them?

2.   Arrivederci, Fiero (Season 2 Episode 17)

If you are from Ohio then this is an episode for you. Not only is this one of my favorite episodes for the clip down below, but also part of this episode takes place while Ted and Marshal are in college. This episode is best known for Ted's iconic quote " first of all, my parents live in Ohio. I live in the moment." This is a quote that makes me laugh every single time. Also, for some reason I find it more interesting when shows reference Ohio in some way. I really enjoy how they flash back in time to the characters college days. These characters already have so much in common with everyone here at Kent State. It makes me realize that these friends I have made in college can be for a lifetime. 

3.  Game Night (Season 1 Episode 15)

This episode has so many elements that I have seen in my own life. One memorable part of this episode is when the whole gang questions Ted's new girlfriend. I loved this part because I know I do the same to my friends. To be honest, it's really hard not to! Part of being a good friend is trying to look out for your friend, and making sure their heart doesn't get broken. I respect them all for looking out for Ted. Also, as the viewer you finally get a peak into Barney's past. It is really sad to see that he got his heart broken by the girl he worked with at the coffee shop. That's what makes it seem so real. Everyone goes through a heartbreak, and seeing a a guy like Barney go through it makes you relate his character a little more. 

4. The Playbook (Season 5 Episode 8)

For some reason this episode makes me happy that all men are not like Barney. Throughout this whole episode, Barney explains a few of the lies he tells to get women. Barney goes to extreme measures to try and talk to women, and it makes me wonder if real men ever have these same insane thoughts. Regardless, this episode just makes me laugh hard and it makes me slightly thankful that men are not as crazy as Barney. Also, if a man comes up to you and pretends to be Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, I would turn and run the other way. Although he might be convincing, it is just Barney using a play out of his famous playbook. 

5. The Pineapple Incident ( Season 1 Episode 10) 

This episode is one of my many favorites from season one. Ted wakes up next to a pineapple not knowing where it came from. Also, he does not even remember anything from the previous night.  The whole episode is surrounded around Ted trying to remember the events from the night before. I love this episode because the pineapple joke goes on throughout the whole series. I love how the whole gang is working together to try and figure out what happened the night before. I know that it is an awesome feeling to have friends who will be by your side to help you figure something out.