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Top 5 London Fashion Week Shows

London Fashion Week kicked off on February 15 and over 150 designers showcased their incredible work throughout the week until February 19. Since it is seemingly impossible to look through the thousands of images from the week, I compiled some looks from five of my favorite shows.

1.) David Koma 

David Koma, a London based designer from the country of Georgia, produced a collection that screams power. A color story consisting of black, white, red and silver are the base to bold silhouettes, striking textures and carefully placed cut-outs.

Favorite Looks

Military inspiration mixes with the classic concept of a women's pantsuit in this belted blazer moment. The white stitching and the use of leather for the belt and strap are subtle but crucial choices in making this look as pleasing as it is. 

Using the natural form of the snake, Koma creates a unique and eye-catching top that pairs perfectly with a slim cigarette pant making the drama of the top still feel wearable. 

Passing as a modern day remake of armor, this set uses sparkle in a way that still communicates strength and control.


2.) Katie Ann McGuigan

Having only graduated from the University of Westminster in 2016, Katie Ann McGuigan is already on the rise with innovative designs and specialties in print design. Her colorful collection is full of geometric prints, bold type and trendy silhouettes. This collection fits right in with the high-end streetwear constantly seen on models and celebrities.

Favorite Looks

Mixing a western inspired skirt with an argyle sweater vest sounds like a cringe-worthy moment on paper, but somehow, McGuigan has made it look incredibly trendy, chic and modern.  

This relaxed longline jacket uses the perfect green and mix of patterns, that even when paired with sweatpants, creates a show stopper look.

A belted waist is everywhere on the runways this season and here McGuigan uses the trend beautifully, giving a more feminine cut to an otherwise oversized top. Plus, the pink, red and blue color combination is amazing. 


3.) Victoria Beckham

In the second show since relocating from New York to London Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham sent a beautiful collection down the runway. It has been eleven years since the start of her brand, and this season Beckham focused on mixed patterns and incorporated hints of bright colors through accessories, all while staying true to the chic image of her label.

Favorite Looks

Blazer's aren't going anywhere anytime soon and this look proves it. The large lapels give the jacket an edge and pairing the pattern with a mismatched shirt keeps it feeling new and fresh.

An oversized and scarf-like look created in this simply patterned top pairs wonderfully with the straight leg pant and the theme of a bright shoe is shown in this outfit. 

A bold collar and unexpected color combinations make this look original and unique. The wide leg of the pant adds a fun flare paired with the fitted sweater.



Alexa Chung has yet again created a show full of edgy looks that also keep in mind the idea of Parisian chic and the style of London. Since the start of her own line in 2016, Chung has continued to stay true to her style while also pushing the envelope with each season.

Favorite Looks

Once again a powerful all-black belted number makes an appearance on the runway, but this one adds the element of mixed textures with a leather jacket and satin pants. There is also a splash of fun British style with the gingham platform loafer. 

Mixing patterns is clearly a popular trend for the season, and Chung incorporates it wonderfully in this look while also using the yellow that seems to be taking over runways all throughout the fashion weeks. 

Seemingly an ode to Clueless, this co-ord is a modern take on the 90’s outfit that continues to be popular today. The structure and silhouette give it a European twist.


5.) Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell proved this season that her experience as a part of the British fashion scene for four decades is the result of well made and simple, yet beautiful, designs. Her line features men and women's clothing and the line between the two is blurry in the best way possible.

Favorite Looks

Though it is casual, this look is still full of style. The baker boy hat, pointed collar, rolled hem and leather belt each adds an element that makes this outfit perfectly cultivated.

The sheerness of this top makes it delicate and feminine which contrasts perfectly with the all together masculine look. The structure of the pieces is meticulous.

Black and white may seem safe, but the mix of feminine and masculine in this look are not. Careful styling was crucial in making these pieces work together.


Each of these images, as well as the rest of the images from the shows, can be found by clicking the names of the designers. Give the full collections a look to see the designer's entire collection stories. Overall, London Fashion Week seems to have been a massive success. Fashion mimics the climate of the world, and it is clear that so many designers took that to heart with their creations.  

Haley Tiepelman

Kent State '20

Haley is a Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State University and is minoring in Fashion Media. Along with fashion, she loves music and attending concerts, especially in her hometown of St.Louis.
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