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Top 10 Signs it is Spring in Kent-Arctica


When there is nice weather, everyone gets spring fever. Here are the top 10 tell-tale signs that it’s the most wonderful time of the year:


10. Kent’s social calendar is jam-packed yet again.

9. Suddenly, everyone has a dog to walk.

8. Iced coffee replaces the typical latte.

7. Sandals and miniskirts replace jeans and sweaters at parties.

6. Day-drinking on porches comes out of hibernation.

5. “Skies Out, Thighs Out” is taken a bit too seriously.

4. Countless sunglasses and sunshine selfies fill your Instagram feed.

3. Girls are wearing flip-flops — even though there is still snow on the ground.

2. Groups of guys all over campus can be seen tossing around a football or Frisbee.

1. You see at least five tweets saying, “It’s so nice out! I can finally drive around with my windows down!”

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Sarah Cahn

Kent State

Ciao! My name is Sarah and I am a graduate student working towards my MBA. I graduated from Kent in May with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I am a gluten free world traveler, wine lover, and Olsen enthusiast.
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