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Think Before You Ink

  1. Know your pain tolerance:

Don’t get your first tattoo in a place where you know you are sensitive. All tattoos hurt but places such as your ribs, back of your knees or your elbows are the most painful so try and avoid those places.

2. Timing is important:

You have to avoid water for a couple weeks after getting a tattoo as well as direct sun exposure so limit your tattooing until spring, winter or fall so you aren’t forced into the lounge chairs while all your friends are having fun in the water.

3. Really think about what you want:

Is this really a tattoo you want on your body for the rest of your life? Are you going to want to see this design on your body forever?  Hang a picture of that specific tattoo up where you’ll see it every day, if after a while you don’t like it, don’t tattoo it. Tattoo removal is expensive, so choose wisely.

4. Research your tattoo artist:

Make sure you like the style they tattoo in since they all tattoo different, make sure they are liable and are producing great work. Make sure the artist is willing to work with you to get your design exactly how you want it. Read reviews!

5. Bring a picture or inspiration of what you want:

This helps the artist understand what you want and allows you to show them what you like about the design and what you want changed. A picture also allows you to make the design your own and add on whatever you like. Be involved.

6. Tip your artist:

Make sure you have money to tip your artist once their finished with your tattoo. A lot of artist’s livelihood relies on tips, so make sure you’re bringing enough money to your appointment and remember to thank them.

7. Think about showering:

You can’t expose your tattoo to excessive water exposure, so make sure you’re thinking about how easy it’s going to be to shower with your new tattoo. If you like hot showers, it’s going to make that freshly tattooed skin sting…so beware. Gentley wash over your new tattoo, then avoid the water in that specific area.

8. Pick an area where you won’t have to worry about fading:

Places will be rubbed by bracelets or rings you may wear, or even sun exposure can fade your tattoo. You’ll be stuck with multiple touch-ups if you choose fingers, wrists, inside of your lip, palms and the soles of your feet. 

9. Bring someone with you:

You might want someone to hold your hand if the pain gets to be too much, or you might want to talk to someone you feel comfortable with to keep your mind off what’s happening. It’s good to have someone tell you how it is looking if you can’t see what’s happening as well.

10. Don’t stress out:

Yes, it hurts, but you have to deal with a small bit of pain for a lifetime of beauty. 

A sophomore at Kent State University majoring in journalism with a minor in fashion media. I love to workout and hang out with friends and hike! I love reading and writing about fashion, health, and relationships and how to balance your life in college.
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