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The Zodiac Signs as the 7 Female Archetypes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

Based on ancient goddesses in Greek mythology, they say there are seven female archetypes: lover, maiden, mother, queen, huntress, sage and mystic. These archetypes are basically different categories on how women can express their femininity and the strengths and weaknesses of femininity.

No woman is strictly one archetype, as we all have a combination of many archetypes within our personalities, but one usually prevails over the rest. Keep reading to see how each zodiac sign relates to each archetype. 

The Lover

Aphrodite and Venus are two well-known Greek goddesses that resemble the Lover archetype.

The lover is in touch with her natural feminine urge to connect deeply with others and create. She is sensual, creative, passionate, care-free and expressive with her emotions. Some of her red flags can be a fear of being alone, vanity, low self-esteem and lack of focus

Signs Associated: Gemini and Cancer

The maiden

The Maiden’s associated goddesses include Persephone and Isis.

For the maiden, we think of someone who is connected to her youth, seeing the world from an uncorrupted eye and chooses to see the good. The Maiden is youthful, empathetic and optimistic. However, youthfulness can come with the possibility of being easily manipulated, a lack of autonomy and passiveness. 

Signs Associated: Libra and Sagittarius

The mother

Demeter, Cybele and Gaia are some of the Mother archetypes in Greek mythology.

The mother is pretty self-explanatory; someone with inherited motherly instincts and is a natural caretaker. She is nurturing, protective, compassionate and grounded. Like a mother, she may also be stubborn, poor at setting personal boundaries and have a tendency to put the needs of others before her own.

Signs Associated: Taurus

The queen

Greek mythological queens include Hera and Frigg.

The queen archetype is also self-explanatory. The queen is someone who is a natural-born leader and extremely confident. She is loyal, strong, assertive and a leader through and through. However, she is prone to jealousy, feeling incomplete without a King and feeling the need to compete with other women. 

Signs Associated: Aries and Leo 

the huntress

Associated with Greek goddesses Artemis and Diana, the Huntress is fiercely independent and wants to pursue her own goals and aspirations.

She is a dominant female who is focused on her goals, competent and independent from men. She can also be emotionally unavailable and place too much importance on her personal achievements. 

Signs Associated: Aquarius and Scorpio

The sage

Athena and Lilith embody the Sage archetype.

The Sage, or the Wise Woman, values knowledge and forming valuable alliances. The Sage also practices discipline, strategy and reason but she is not fond of idealists or things of frivolous nature. She might also come off as frigid and out of touch with her emotions.

Signs Associated: Virgo and Capricorn

The mystic

Ancient Greek mystic goddesses include Hestia and Vesta.

The Mystic archetype is considered an old soul. These women strive for inner peace and are very introverted. They strive for finding home within themselves and leaning into their spirituality. Their shortcomings can relate to being emotionally frigid and too introverted.

Signs Associated: Pisces 

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