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The Reason Everyone is OBSESSED with Squishmallows

Squishmallows, the stuffed animals that took over the internet for what seemed to be no apparent reason. After some deep thought and discussion with my friends the other night, we seemed to come to a pretty clear conclusion. 

Hear me out on this. Do you remember when you were younger and you’d cuddle with your mom and lay your head on her chest? I know, random, but I have a point here. 

If you have a Squishmallow near you right now, pick it up, if not, just work with me here. Squeeze it and tell me what it feels like. It feels like a boob doesn’t it? Don’t even laugh at me right now, TikTokers and my close friends feel the same. 

Now that we’ve gotten over the awkwardness of finding out that a Squishmallow feels like a boob, let me get back to my point. When we laid on our mom’s chest as a child, we were essentially laying on her boobs. I feel like you can see where I’m getting at, laying your head on a Squishmallow gives you the same comfort as laying your head on your mom’s chest.

I believe this is the reason people around the high school and college age love Squishmallows so much, they give us the comfort of our mothers that we may not have as often as we did when we were kids. Personally, laying my head on a Squishmallow gives me so much more comfort than laying on a regular pillow. Also just holding one gives me so much comfort, and has even helped me through panic attacks.

From someone who is truly a momma’s girl, I now understand my insane obsession with Squishmallows. At first I thought it was just the fact that I’m still definitely a kid at heart, but now that I’ve looked closer into this I realized this is probably the more likely reason.

Now go out and buy a Squishmallow!

Aislinn Foran

Kent State '24

Aislinn is a sophomore Public Relations major at Kent State University. She enjoys hanging out with her emotional support cat, Snoopy, and just chilling out with friends. Aislinn also works in the Student Media Office, and is a member of CHAARG.
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