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The Good and Bad of Being an Out of State Student

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Being an out-of-state student at any school comes with many obstacles, but for some, it can also be for the best.

I’m from Virginia meaning it takes almost six hours for me to get back home driving. I knew when choosing a school in a different state this would be a challenge, it would force me to become more “independent.” Because I wouldn’t be able to easily take a trip back home, I would have to force myself to be able to live on my own or at least more on my own than when I lived with my parents. 

Since moving in I’ve noticed both positives and negatives to being out of state. One of the most annoying things is constantly being asked, “Why would you come to Ohio?” when I tell people I’m from Virginia. Besides the fact that most people have asked me this when I tell them where I’m from, there haven’t been too many negatives to going to college far from home. 

Of course, the six-hour drive makes it hard, not being able to see my sister or friends from home, but especially when I realize I left something at home after moving in. I’ve easily adjusted to the move into college and it hasn’t been hard on me since I’ve been busy with classes, friends and other activities. It can be challenging when my friends are able to take a short trip home on weekends and I then have to figure out what to do with my weekends. But so far I’ve made it work, I’ve found activities and clubs around campus to immerse myself more into college and make the transition easier. 

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I do miss my mom’s cooking and my own room and bathroom, but there are also many positives to being out of state. I was excited for a fresh start, not knowing anyone at the school when I started the semester. Most people from my high school ended up at the same schools throughout Virginia, so staying in state would’ve meant possible run-ins with the people whom I’ve already had to see the past four years. Going to a school knowing no one is exhilarating because I’m able to meet so many fascinating people and make friends with people who are from all over the state. 

Even though the distance from home can hurt, it’s also been good for me in becoming more self-sufficient. College is a perfect time of transition between youth and adulthood especially because students are now more unconstrained. In college, there’s more freedom and ability to try new things and figure out who you are. This has been especially prevalent being so separated from where I grew up where I was used to having more restrictions. 

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Since moving to college I’ve found both good and bad parts of being from a different state. I love testing my newfound independence and meeting so many people, even if it means not easily being able to go home or missing out on stuff back in Virginia.

Talia Milewich

Kent State '27

Talia is a freshman majoring in journalism with a minor in photography. In her free time she enjoys going to concerts, reading, and going to coffee shops!