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The Best of Glossier. Ranked

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I have never personally been much of a makeup lover, but I have always loved different products ranging from anything skincare or haircare-related.

Glossier in particular is a company that promotes “skin first” when it comes to its products. Their trendy and aesthetically packaged products are all about the experience and the branding behind them. The company claims to be implementing a new approach to the beauty world, products that are tailored to show your unique self.


The signature pink hoodie is an iconic member of the brand’s product line. Most notably seen worn by Timothée Chalamet, the hoodie has gained staggering popularity within the past year. Although the brand has other wear items such as a crewneck, duffel bag and water bottle, nothing quite lives up to the name of the pink hoodie. It is soft, durable and stylish. The only true reason it’s ranked in the tenth spot is that it isn’t exactly what Glossier does best.

Pro Tip: Hoodies are oversized. Size down if you want it to fit normally, if not stay your regular size!

The beauty bag

Yet another non-makeup/skincare item from Glossier that is just too good not to make the list. This bag is done in the brand’s signature pink with gold detailing and red velvet interior. It’s so cute, some people were even adding a chain to create the beauty bag into a purse. The bag includes many pockets and has all the room to fit the essentials for either on the go or everyday use.

Pro tip: The bag can fit travel-size toiletries like shampoo, conditioner and body wash standing up

Solar paint

Solar Paint is truly meant to emulate the look of golden sunlight displayed across your cheekbones. A rather new addition to the brand’s product line, it keeps with the theme of the cream products that they are known for. It is also their first attempt at a bronzer, leaving its launch long-awaited and received. Though in what the reviews say and my personal opinion, it’s a good product but not their best.

Pro tip: Place higher on your cheekbones than you think you need to

stretch concealer/skin tint

Now, these may be two different products, but I believe they go hand in hand. In fact, you can actually buy them as a set.

In each respective product, there are 12 available shades. In terms of the beauty world, that is a considerable range in comparison to other major brands. However there is always room for improvement, and hopefully, the brand does add more shades to their product line to suit all skin tones.

When it comes to the actual usage of the product, many either love it or hate it. Neither the concealer nor tint claim to be full coverage or any really. Personally, I enjoy the slight and glowy enhancement they give off. But if you are looking for a fuller coverage effect, this product may not be for you.

Pro tip: Get one shade lighter in the concealer than in the skin tint if you buy together

future dew

This product may just be their most integrated skincare as makeup formula yet.

If a skin serum and liquid highlighter had a baby, they would have created future dew. It gives a healthy glow all over that is not glittery, but definitely is not subtle if you are not careful. Meaning, you don’t need much to allow an everyday product to last forever.

Pro tip: Mix future dew with skin tint or any other foundation, then apply.

balm dotcom

The holy grail of Glossier, my first ever purchase from them and quite possibly the most popular product is the balm dotcom.

The great thing about this product is its versatility. Some of the flavors are tinted and/or sparkly meaning yet again, Glossier is mixing skincare and makeup. You get a nourishing balm, subtle lip color and gloss all in one! The few that are not tinted can also be used as a balm for super dry areas on your arms, hands and face.

Pro Tip: The mango and birthday cake ones are the best

boy brow

Boy Brow is yet another international sensation and product that took the internet by storm. It has become an irreplaceable product for many and one of the most popular brow products on the market.

The shades range from clear, blonde, auburn, brown and black. The gel keeps brow hairs in place while also miraculously making them look fuller, longer and darker.

Pro tip: Scrape some of the product off on the sides to both save the product and have more control of the application.

cloud paint

Yet another holy grail product, cloud paint takes the colors of the sunset and displays them across your cheeks.

This cream blush is the beginning foundation and idea of the solar paint bronzer. When combining the two, it is as if the sky really is dancing across your skin. The formula is long-lasting and truly feels as if it sinks into your skin, creating a natural effect. With an array of colors, cloud paint is definitely a great introductory Glossier product if you have never tried the brand before.

Pro tip: Mix two or three different paints together to create your own custom shades

lash slick

One of the first and only non-cream products the company sells comes the lash slick. A water-resistant but not waterproof mascara that both looks good and stays on in all conditions.

I have always known waterproof mascara was bad for the lashes, but I could never help myself. It just looked so much better. But lash slick is the mascara you can cry, laugh and even sleep in without a smudge. All while maintaining healthy and moisturized lashes.

Pro tip: Build up coats for a more noticeable, but un-spider leg like look.

YOu eau de parfum

My absolute FAVORITE product from the brand includes their perfume. It has become my everyday scent and I honestly get stopped once a day to get told I smell good.

This fragrance claims to be unique from any other one on the market. As the name claims, it is literally meant to smell like you. From my understanding, it only includes base notes of fragrance so you truly get to be the last ingredient. The base notes react to your own chemical balance and create a truly unique sent. It has won national awards and continues to remain on top of the charts.

So I wonder, what would it smell like on you?

Pro tip: Apply to warm areas such as the neck, behind the ear, inner wrists and behind your knees.

So now that I have ranked some of my favorite Glossier products, I hope some of you decide to try them. I may be a little biased, but Glossier is truly one of my favorite beauty brands currently on the market. From the cute packaging to the free seasonal stickers and even included samples, they know how to make you feel special as a consumer.

Regardless of your possible opinions on the actual products, I think we can all agree the Glossier brand knows how to market to the new beauty generation.

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