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This week it was announced that a Criminal Minds reboot series on Paramount+ is in the works.

“We are still very much in development on Criminal Minds. We’ll have more to share on that soon but it is alive and well,” Paramount + President Nicole Clemens said to Deadline.

With this news, I started remembering how much I loved Criminal Minds. I mean, I was obsessed. I was deep into Criminal Minds TikTok and I binged that show every day for the longest time.

With that being said, I thought it was only right to share which Criminal Minds episodes are the best out of the entire series. (In my humble, but correct, opinion) 

*Disclaimer: I did not finish the entire series! I only got to season 12 out of 15 seasons.*

“The Fisher King Part 1 & 2” (S1E22 – S2E1)

These episodes very quickly became some of my favorites in the series. I loved the idea of the main characters being left clues and how personalized the case was for them. This two-part series of episodes will have you at the edge of your seat.

“Seven Seconds” (S3E5)

This episode is about a child abduction and is full of twists and turns. There was a time frame of seven seconds where no one saw the missing girl, so the agents must try to figure out what happened in those few seconds. Nothing is what it seems and the person who ends up being the unknown subject, or unsub, will shock you. This is a must-watch episode.

“Mosley Lane” (S5E16)

This is one of the creepier episodes of the series. It follows a child abduction and the story that follows will give you chills. The unsubs of these episodes are terrifying so make sure you watch this with the lights on. 

“Prentiss” (S6E13 – S6E18)

In the series, almost every character gets an episode or so where they are specifically targeted and we learn more about them or their past. In these six episodes, we slowly learn more about Prentiss and her past. These episodes are so intense and gut-wrenching that I couldn’t stop watching.

Emily Prentiss is a badass, that’s all I can say about these episodes. 

“Compulsion” (s1e2)

This early episode is on my list because of how unique the case is. An arsonist sets fires all-around a university campus and the team must track them down before the next fire. The episode is full of anticipation and will keep you guessing who the unsub is.

As previously stated, these are MY personal favorites! Everyone has their personal preferences and these episodes hold a special place in my heart, as the series as a whole does.

Happy Criminal Minds bingeing!

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