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Ten gift ideas for teen girls this holiday season

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These 10 gift ideas will bring a smile to any teenage girl’s face when she opens them!

Nintendo Switch Lite

Even if the girl you are buying gifts for is not a gamer, she will love this gift. The Nintendo Switch Lite is the most compact and lightweight console to date making it easy to take on the go. The Switch is also the most affordable option when talking about gaming consoles. Another benefit of the Switch is that you can play non Nintendo games as well. The Switch is a fun gift to consider when doing your holiday shopping this season.

Ugg Slippers

You can never go wrong with gifting a girl with a pair of slippers, especially if they are UGG. UGG offers lots of different options like the Tasman, Disquette and the Classic. All of these options are good options and will make a teen girl happy and keep her feet warm this winter.


A great gift to give this season is a pair of headphones. Headphones have become popular again and are even being used to make a fashion statement.There are lots of good brands to choose from but getting a teenage girl a pair of Apple Airpod Max’s or Beats will certainly put a smile on her face. Though these options are not the most cost effective, they both are reliable and are very good quality.

Lego flowers

Lego flowers are a fun and unique gift to give someone this holiday season. Wether they are your girlfriend, friend, daughter or relative, whoever recieves this gift will be happy. Not only is the recipient of this gift getting a bouquet of flowers, they are getting box of Legos which is both pretty and fun. The Lego flowers will make for cute room decor and you will not have to worry about them dying.

digital Camera

A digital camera is a great option when buying for a teenage girl. Cameras are very versatile and make for a good gift especially if the girl is into photography and editing or just likes to take pictures. Though some digital cameras can be expensive, there are lots of cheaper options on websites such as Amazon. A camera is a very fun and unique gift which will certainly make a girl happy.


A handbag or purse is a great gift for a young adult. The accessory is a nice way to elevate an outfit and also a stylish way to keep track of your belongings. Coach is a great beginner brand for handbags and purses because it is relatively affordable. Coach’s new line, Coachtopia, has lots of fun designs that are catered towards a younger target market. The Ergo bag comes in different patterns like checkers, butterflies, mushrooms, cherries and so much more. Any girl would be thrilled to receive this gift this holiday season. 


​​Jewelry is perfect for a girl, especially if you have no other gift ideas. Jewelry is simple yet thoughtful and it will bring a smile to her face when she opens it. If you are struggling to find a good brand to go with, Kendra Scott is an affordable place to start. Kendra Scott’s pieces have a luxurious look to them without the luxurious price. If you want to treat the girl to a more expensive piece of jewelry, Tiffany and Co. is a good alternative. Ultimately, a girl will be happy with receiving jewelry no matter the brand.

blow dryer brush

Surely you have seen the Dyson hair dryer all over social media. If you want to get a teenage girl the Dyson but it is not in your price range, this blow dryer brush from Amazon does the trick. It is only $40 in comparison to the Dyson which is $429.99. This is the perfect gift to get a girl who loves to style her hair plus, it makes the blow drying experience much easier.

lululemon belt bag

 If she does not already have the infamous Lululemon belt bag, this is the perfect gift to get her. This bag is much less sophisticated than a handbag but gets the job done. The belt bag also features multiple compartments that make it easy to find everything. The bag has two zipper compartments, the main one and the one on the back of the bag which is good for holding valuable items. The belt bag has a sleek look and is very compact. 

Makeup set

If the teenage girl you are buying for this holiday season likes makeup or wants to get into it more, a makeup set is the perfect place to start. This Glitz and Glam set from Sephora offers a wide range of products from name brands. The set contains a lip liner, brow tint, lip oil, primer, niacinamide drops, hair oil, mascara, blush and a lash set. The set is retailed at $49 and has a value of $128. All of the items are exciting yet simple which makes it the perfect gift for a young adult.

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