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If you are in college, in high school or not in school at all and you have a high stress job that you have been debating to quit, I am here to tell you that you can. How relieving is that?! I recently quit my part time management position job because it was causing me to feel a lot of extra stress and frustration. Being in college, I do not need any more stress, especially if it can be avoided!

But What About Money?

If you are worried about not having an income when you quit your job, I completely understand. This is why you should have a new job already lined up! Many employers in the current economy are in need of employees, this makes it much easier to find a new job that is less stressful and more enjoyable. Here is what you should do before you quit your current job:

  • Apply to multiple jobs
  • Attend one or more interviews
  • Accept a job offer
  • Give your two weeks notice to your current employer
  • Enjoy that feeling of relief

Benefits of Quitting Your Job

Before quitting my job, I would often feel frustrated after my shift. I would enter my car, and even go home, still being mad about what had happened at work an hour ago. I would also constantly stress about what other coworkers were doing or not doing. A lot of the time my boss would ask too much of me, from picking up more shifts or doing more during a shift to make up for someone else’s slack. Of course, I never mind helping out more as needed at work, but after a year of the constant demands it got very hard to manage both work and school. After I accepted a new job offer, I felt both pleased and excited. I would no longer have to feel upset after most of my work days! Following my last day at my old job, I was still in love with my new job after some training days. To reassure you even more about switching jobs, I still love my current job. It is a much better fit for me while I am in college, and it is a lot less stressful.

If you’re thinking about it, this is your sign! Quit that job.

Grace Weingart

Kent State '24

Grace is a junior at Kent State University. She is an English major with a Creative Writing minor. Grace is currently a Senior Editor for the Chapter at Kent. She enjoys being poolside in the sun, shopping and loving on her pup.