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Some Killer Looks From Rowan Blanchard

A list of Rowan Blanchard's amazing outfits that I cannot stop thinking about.

The Pink Loofah 

I think this was the first event she deputed the hair, and this dress is everything. This is what I dreamed I look liked at every high school dance, but I never actually did. Styled with a some bold earring and classic red lip this look is so dreamy. She makes this huge frilly dress look effortless to wear which is quite an accomplishment, and she looks amazing.

The Moody Cowgirl 

Rowan Blanchard is the only human who could take a mirror selfie in a avergae hotel room and make it a vibe. For this look she is giving us some subtle western vibes with the frilly button up blouse. The blouse is really the star of the show in this look it's got some fun ruffles and white accents, but the collar is what I love. It looks like a seventies collar but thinner which is intersting. Again, she is wearing a classic red lip which completes the look in a chic way. 

The Sultry Summer Fit 

I will be honest when I first saw this Jaws tank top in the Clavin Klein's 2019 Spring Ready-to-Wear Collection I thought they were stupid. To me it looked like something that Forever 21 would sell but instead it was going cost like $500. This look kind of changed my mind on these tank tops because I love this look. First of all, it just shows off her body in the best way with the tights pants and the slight crop of the shirt. Then we have the wet hair going on which gives an even more summery feel to this outfit. My only critque is the heels. I don't think they really needed to be mismatched. 

Eccentric Dinner Attire 

This look is maximilist artsy type's dream outfit, so I'm obviously obessed with it. On a side note Marc Jacobs has been doing some really great work lately and you should go look at his latest collections because they are fabulous. Rowan Blanchard made this really work for her. She simpifies it down with a simple black bra top underneath, adds some great pearl earrings and fun eye liner. She takes an outfit that seemed like it could only been worn on the runaway and makes it a funky going out look. 

The Coachella Pin Up Girl 

In my opinion this was one of the best looks of Coachella. It was different then anything anbody else was wearing, but still very cute and sensible. It's so flirty and fun, and I'll be trying to copy it all summer. 

Hopefully you enjoyed those looks as much as I did!

Elaina Mendiola

Kent State '22

Elaina is a Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State University. She enjoys watching movies, hanging out with her dogs, thrifting, listening to podcasts, and being with friends. As a Her Campus writer, she hopes to share her passions of fashion and feminism while making others laugh along the way. Her very favorite things are her dog Priscilla, Manrepeller, and the podcast True Crime Obsessed.
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