Size Inclusive Lingerie Brands

What if I told you that wearing lingerie doesn't have to be about impressing your partner? Sure, that's one perk of wearing those expensive under garments but it can be so much more than that. Wearing Lingerie for yourself is a type of self empowerment; it means that you get to feel sexy on your own terms. So often, lingerie is equated with objectification and a reflection of western beauty standards, and while there are many examples of this it doesn't always have to that way. In fact, I think that wearing Lingerie because you want to is an act of self discovery because you are owning your body and sexuality; something usually seen as taboo. So for all my my wonderful readers, I have put together a list of size inclusive lingerie brands, so that you can feel sexy all of the time.


1. Hopeless Lingerie

Now this brand is for all of my edgier people, Hopeless Lingerie is self described as dark, modern, and romantic. Based in Melbourne, they sell custom lingerie to fit all sizes! 

2. Lonely Lingerie

I think their Instagram bio sums it up quite nicely, "For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves." Lonely Lingerie makes itself clear that it is a brand made for all people and are incredibly supportive of their clientele as well. 

3. Uye Surana Lingerie 

If you prefer a more feminine look than this brand is perfect for you! It will have you feeling like a princess in no time. Plus, they do custom sizing! 

4. Adina Reay

This brand is sophisticated with a playful twist, that is sure to have you running back to buy more.

5. Asos 

For anyone on budget Asos is the place to go! They have a wonderful plus size collection of lingerie, I promise you'll want to buy it all!