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I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with fall and all things Halloween, Of course, food is no exception, and my baking-obsessed self is no stranger to festive fall treats! I thought it would be helpful to rank some of my seasonal favorites for your convenience, so please enjoy this very biased list from someone who is not at all qualified to rate food.

Candy Corn

I’m not an anti-candy corn person, however, I will say, there’s a reason it’s last on my list. I think it’s the perfect candy to only be had for 1/12 of the year. Would I willingly eat it in March? Absolutely not. However, if it’s sitting out and I’m in the spooky spirit, I won’t turn it down. It gets a bad reputation, but how many foods can say they’re festive without being pre-loved? Adding Halloween sprinkles to a cookie, although adorable, isn’t original. Candy corn may not be the first choice, but it deserves credit where credit is due.

Trick-or-Treating Candy

This isn’t by any means an original concept. Going trick-or-treating, everyone has their goal candy for the night. We all love a good Reese's cup, I personally love those sour gummy Life Savers, and of course, who could forget the beloved Snickers? Halloween is the one night of the year where you can eat as much candy and sugar as your heart desires and there are little to no precautions. Also, if you’re one of the houses that give out king-size candy, chips, Kool-aid or anything else fun, you deserve all the treats of any trick-or-treater.

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Count Chocula, Boo-Berry and Franken-berry

I debated for so long between doing a debate between these three or doing the article that you’re reading, and I just didn’t have it in me to rank any of these at the bottom. I’m personally a Franken-berry gal myself, but I can hear an argument being made for any. It was also recently brought to my attention that a new addition has been made, the great Monster Mash cereal. My sister and I even went out of our way to buy the snack packs of these for the days we don’t have time to eat a bowl of cereal, which I’m afraid, in my case, is 97% of the time. As for my personal ranking, I’d have to say going from favorite to least favorite: Franken-berry, Boo-berry and Count-Chocula. I know there are die-hard Count-Chocula fans, and I’m open to discussing at any time.

Pumpkin Coffee 

Before I continue, I want to clarify: I am not talking about pumpkin spice lattes. Although I love coffee of all variations —however, my lactose intolerance is not as happy with that adoration, I feel like iced pumpkin coffee deserves more attention than a single season of the year. I love seasonal foods as much as any other fall-lover, but isn’t pumpkin as good as vanilla? Hear me out. We drink vanilla, caramel and other varying coffee flavors and syrups all year round, but why not pumpkin? Mint is one of the favored candy flavors, yet it’s considered a fall flavor. Why are we treating pumpkin flavoring any differently? Maybe it’s because I have a bit of a sugar obsession when it comes to caffeine, but is it really too much to ask coffee shops to have pumpkin flavoring for more than just the fall season.

Pillsbury Spooky Cookies

We all know why this is in the top spot. These things come out only a few times of the year, and I swear they fly off the shelves faster than you can say ‘Halloween.’ I don’t know what they’re putting in these things, but I lose my mind every single time. To this day, I remember the first time I had these, and I still have the same reaction to this day. I was visiting my aunt’s house, and she brought out a plate with all of them on there, and I kid you not, my sister and I ate those things in one fell swoop; they didn’t have a fighting chance. From that point on, it was understood that there was a reason these were restricted to varying holidays, and only then are you allowed to indulge in such a delicacy.

You deserve some sweet treats, and Halloween is no exception to that! Whatever your favorite fall festive treat is, go out there and celebrate the best spooky season!

Kristin Berchak is a senior Digital Media Production major. She works as a showrunner for an entertainment show for TV2, The Blurb, loves running, writing, reading, baking, creating and just staying busy! She loves movies and television (and far too many baking shows!) She is very excited to work as an editorial member for HerCampus at Kent State University!
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