Rachel Stevenson: Sorority sister, world traveler and girl boss

Her Campus is all about empowering women and celebrating the achievements of our classmates. Here at Kent State, there is no shortage of ah-mazing women to feature!  Rachel Stevenson took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with HC about her role on the Panhellenic Council, her study abroad experience and her academic life! Read on and prepare to be inspired! 

Name: Rachel Stevenson

Coffee Order: Medium Iced Vanilla Latte from Dunkin Donuts

Relationship status: Single

Dream job: International Marketing and Communications Representative in the area of Public Relations Tourism


Her Campus: Can you explain your position on the Panhellenic Council?

Rachel Stevenson: I joined the council last March as the Vice President of Public and Alumni Relations and I currently serve as the Vice President of Recruitment and Retention. As the Vice President of Recruitment and Retention, I oversee all community-wide recruitment endeavors, foster Panhellenic relations between chapters and uphold national policies and expectations established by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

HC: What is your favorite part of being VP of Recruitment and Retention?

RS: The experience of being Vice President of Recruitment and Retention has been both humbling and exciting. Having served on the council before, I am extremely passionate about the mission of empowering women and providing advocacy and support for the sorority women at Kent State. Through the experience to serve on the Panhellenic Council, I have met some of the most inspiring, driven and passionate women I will ever know. I have grown more confident as a leader, sister, role model and friend. When I joined the Panhellenic community as a freshman, I remember being asked ‘Why do you want to go Greek?’ Without hesitation, I knew my purpose in joining this community was to use my unique talents and passion for selflessness, service, friendship, scholarship and community to shape the future of Fraternity and Sorority Life. Through my positions on the Panhellenic Council, I feel as if I am able to make a notable difference in shaping the future climate and success of the FSL community. In addition to having an opportunity to impact a community that has helped me to find myself and realize my potential, I also am looking forward to primary recruitment in the fall, and I cannot wait to help potential new members find their homes within our Panhellenic community.

HC: Obviously you are a very empowered woman, how has Panhellenic council helped you to grow into who you are?

RS: As I said earlier, serving on this council has led me to some of the most passionate women I will ever met. If you would have told freshman me that I would serve on the Panhellenic Council, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s funny how everything in life seems to work out as it should and little, defining moments lead you to who you are meant to be. My decision to join a Panhellenic organization is hands down one of the most defining moments of my life and by joining Alpha Xi Delta, I have realized my potential as a leader, sister, scholar and friend. I fully contribute much of my success throughout college to this organization and the Panhellenic community, and I know without this unyielding support system, I could have never grown into the individual I have become. The individuals my organization and the Panhellenic Council has introduced me to will forever hold a special place in my heart as I am forever indebted to them for helping to shape me into a strong, united and empowered woman.  

HC: How will you use your position to inspire women on campus during recruitment this fall?

RS: I aspire to use my passion for this community to guide women throughout the recruitment process and create an enriching recruitment experience for all potential new members. Each PNM has something unique to bring to our organizations, and I aspire to tap into the hidden potential of these women to help them find their homes as I have found mine.

HC: As assigning editor for the Kent Stater, what are your responsibilities like? How do you see this position helping you with your future career?

RS: As an assigning editor for the Kent Stater, I oversee the progress of four student reporters and guide them as writers while enforcing journalistic integrity. I also take time to educate my students on AP Style and work with photography and design departments to create dynamic visual pieces for stories my students produce. As a public relations major, working for the Kent Stater allows me to strengthen my writing techniques, grow stronger as a facilitator and practice editing and recognizing AP Style. Writing is a huge aspect of public relations that is often overlooked by individuals who are not in the major, and by taking on this leadership role, I am diversifying myself and expanding my professional experience related to public relations.

HC: Kent State places huge emphasis on their study abroad programs. You studied in Florence last summer. Can you say what that was like?

RS: Florence was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. They say that you can never truly find yourself until you explore and learn about people completely different from you and I could not agree more with this statement. Traveling abroad completely opened my eyes to a new culture and lifestyle, through this experience I realized my own path in life. Traveling abroad is a lot more affordable than I ever could have anticipated and the world is such a big, beautiful place full of majesty, wonder and adventure. We as people must learn to not only respect and understand cultures outside our own, but we are also obligated to share the world with others. Therefore, I have decided to pursue a future career in tourism public relations with the hope of shaping travel abroad experiences and opportunities for young people so that they may also experience the wonders our world has to offer.

HC: How do you balance yourself between school, greek life and extracurriculars?  

RS: One of my favorite tools is to always keep a list. I make a list of both weekly tasks and daily tasks in order to check my progress and stay on task. I also use my agenda religiously to balance various events. Somedays, I will leave my apartment at 8a.m., and I will not get home until after 10 or 11p.m. Although these days are long and tedious, I am fully committed to all of my responsibilities as a student, Panhellenic officer, sister of Alpha Xi Delta and leader in various other organizations.

HC: What are your tips for handling stress in college?

RS: No matter how busy you are, take each day step by step. Never get too caught up in the big picture because you will let stress, anxiety and worry consume you. What I’ve found is that even when I am doubting my abilities the most, I always manage to get everything done and succeed in my academic and extracurricular activities. Worry only slows you down and creates doubt, and doubt will kill more of your dreams than failure ever will. With that said, do not be afraid to mess up. We are all human. Things happen. Just take every moment as they come and face your challenges with as much passion and drive you have. Failures and disappointments will only make you stronger in the end if you adopt this mindset!

HC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

RS: I never see myself settling down. I am always on the go and preparing for my next adventure, and I only see myself seeking new journeys and opportunities throughout life. In five years, I hope to be working abroad to help study abroad students, but the funny thing about life is, you never know where it will lead you. I have faith that life will guide me to wherever I am meant to be in order to make an impact, and I am ready for whatever challenges I may face along the way!

HC: What excites you the most thinking ahead to your final year of college?

HC: Honestly, I am completely terrified to be a senior. I am not ready to graduate and leave this university and my experiences here behind. Looking forward, I think I am most excited to see where life takes me and know that because of the opportunities Kent State has afforded me, I am able to chase my dreams.

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