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Quick and easy hairstyles to get you out the door faster

It is so frustrating that you sometimes wakeup and realize that your makeup looks great, your outfit is on point and then your hair is just…blah. I’m sure there have been many times that you have washed your hair the night before (or that morning,) let it air dry naturally and just deal with it. It’s time to get past the naturally dried hair rut (or the day two can’t do my hair because its so dirty rut). These step-by-step tutorials are not only fast but they are beyond easy.


The “Twisted crown”

Time: 5 minutes

This hairstyle is perfect for those girls who are growing out their bangs and they’re in that “awkward” stage or if you just feel like your hair is too flat all the time. If you can do a basic three strand braid, you can do this hairstyle. To insure that this hairstyle would work on girls who have poker straight hair with no body, I straightened my curls out and tested it myself. This hairstyle at first had me hesitant because I am just one of those people who cannot do a french-braid on myself. The results? This hairstyle made my hair go from straight slicked down, to looking like I spent hours doing it.


The “Accent braid”

Time: 7 minutes

I think that this hairstyle is even easier than the first one. I tried this one out on my curly hair because sometimes when twisting and curly hair are involved, it ends up in a big knot. I went into this hairstyle with a closed mind. With curly hair it so hard to find hairstyles that make your hair look exactly like the demonstration picture. Though this did not look exactly the same, it was pretty close. I made my braid a little thicker since it was pretty difficult to see on such curly hair.


The “Half Top Knot”

Time: 3 minutes

This is the fastest hairstyle I tried. This is one of the hairstyles that I use all the time (especially when I figured out how quick it was.) I used to try to do the half top knot half down hairstyle many times before but my bun would never turn out looking perfect or put together. So I only used this hairstyle when I knew that I wasn’t going anywhere important. Now that I have tried this technique shown in the step-by-step tutorial, my bun comes out looking clean and professional.

The “Boho Bun”

Time: 6 minutes

I was most excited to try out this hairstyle. I did not expect it to take as long as it did because it looks so effortless in the pictures above. What I soon realized is the more time you put into it the more effortless and more relaxed the hairstyle looks. My favorite part of this hairstyle is the braid down the side. I started to incorporate this braid into so many of the other hairstyles that I have tried because I think it makes your hair look more relaxed. The bun in this tutorial was the thing that took me the longest to figure out, but at 6 minutes, this is still a hairstyle that you can do everyday and not lose anytime.

The “Easy Up-do”

Time: 8 minutes

Though this is the most time consuming hairstyle of them all, it is so beyond worth it. I know I’m not the only girl who has dressed up so nice for an event and attempt to wear their hair naturally and it just does not look right at all. I tested this hairstyle out for dinner one night and I was in love. It looks like you had spent hours doing your hair or even got it professionally done. I prefer doing this hairstyle when my hair is curly or wavy. Having the curl or wave gives the hair more body and more texture so that it makes the hair look like it has 10 times the volume. Pro tip: if your hair is poker straight, use a wand curling iron and add a few beach waves to just random parts of your hair and add a little hairspray. This should only add two minutes to the time, so it is still manageable!