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Pros and Cons to Distance Learning for College Students


1.) Save Money 

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For students in grades K-12, there are not many expenses to worry about for school. When it comes to college however, student tuition is expensive. For example, I am attending Kent State University but I live in Pennsylvania, making me an out of state student. This means my payment for the fall semester would be around $10,000. With doing remote learning thoughI would only need to pay $3,000 because I would not need to pay for housing or a meal plan. In total, I saved about $7,000, making this semester my cheapest one. 


2.) Stay Close to Loved Ones

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Some people may think staying home for school is not a good idea because you are stuck with your family. I disagree, because I believe there are many positives about being with family. First off, you can stay connected with them, play board games, eat family meals, etc. Lots of students get homesick when going to college so your transition would be a lot smoother. Maybe you have a high school boyfriend that did not graduate high school yet- now you can spend more time with him/her and the chance to create more memories.



1.) Time

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The biggest problem with online learning is time management, especially for students who procrastinate. It can be harder to motivate them because they get distracted by being at home. The students feel like they have extended time, but in reality, the deadline is much closer than they think. 

For example, I use an agenda and a to-do list to keep track of things because I have so much work, butI always seem to be doing things at the last minute. I feel like I have all the time in the world because I’m at home. Then, I realize it’s 2:00 pm and my inked blazer is due at 5:30 pm, but it is only drawn in pencil. Time flies for remote learning!


2.) Technology

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When it comes to technology and school, they do not always go together very well. Some issues include screens freezing during zoom calls, computers shutting down, spotty wifi or lost connection, and even simply the user not knowing how to operate it correctly. All of these things take away from learning. 

Some students may also not have access to the internet. According to the most recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 14% of children ages 3-18 don’t have internet access at home. This means 9 million students face difficulties completing school online. 


3.) Social Interaction

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Social interaction is critical for students, and there is less of it through online learning. Students need to be involved with other classmates, clubs, sports, and educators or they can begin to feel isolated. Feeling like this weakens their school experience, and they may even withdraw from their studies and give up on school. 

Students could simply lose their communication skills, and being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills. It is how we pass information to others and understand what is being said to us. No interaction equals the loss of communication skills. 

Whether you are a fan of distance learning or not, it seems to be here to stay for the time being. Remember to stay organized and make the best of this semester!

My name is Maddie. I am a freshman majoring in Fashion Design. This is my first year with Her Campus and I am so excited to be apart of it. I have decided to complete my fall semester at home. So I work at Gloria Horns Sewing Studio on the weekends. I am a very artistic person. I love to sew, paint, scrapbook, and anything that is creative. Let the next 4 years of my life begin!
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