Post Bid Day Blues

A week has past, the new members ran home and all the body glitter has been washed away. So now what? 

Sorority recruitment at Kent State is a week full of talking to girls who want to make their chapter your home. It is fun, exhausting and emotional. Now that Bid Day is over, new members might find themselves nervous for the next few months to come. Older girls are happily placing their wedges back in the closet and curling up in bed. No matter who you are in this situation, here are a few steps for getting past those post Bid Day blues. 

Instagram Stalk: Bid Day is like Christmas for sorority women, so what do they do? Take to social media to express their love and excitement. Your Instagram feed is going to be flooded with photos of older girls welcoming more beautiful members to their chapter! Take the time to look through and cherish all the fun you had! Enjoy the new followers and all the clever captions! This is a great time to comment on pics and welcome new members! It is also the perfect opportunity to express your congratulations to women in other chapters...after all, we are all one greek community! 

Catch up on school work: Let's face it, last week was a doozy. Settle into your favorite study spot and hit the books! Immersing yourself in your homework is also a great way to get your mind off of how far away the next Bid Day is. 364 days, but who is counting? 

Meet the new mems: Even though recruitment season is officially over, that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! You have your new members to keep you company now! Grab a coffee or an ice cream with a girl you want to get to know better. who knows, maybe she is even your potential little! 

Rest and Relax: Congratulate yourself on a successful recruitment! Whether you are an active who has spent the last week gushing about your sisterhood, or a new member who has finally found their place, you deserve some R&R! Treat yourself to a Frappe, binge watch your favorite show on Netlfix, or even order that purse you've had in your cart for weeks! You did it! You made it through! Treat yourself. If the piggy bank is all dried up, maybe try a face mask or a bubble bath even!