An Open Letter To My Little Sisters

When our parents brought you home from the hospital, I can almost guarantee I asked the common question, “So when are we taking her back?” But from that day on our relationship grew into something indescribable; something only those girls with sisters can relate to. Lucky for us, we were into the same things, and lucky for me, I was blessed with two of you.  Mom always tells the story about how I tried to take you guys out of your cribs. When I got in trouble for it, I decided to just go ahead and crawl in with you. I think that says a lot about the kind of relationship we have.

From the beginning, our days were spent entirely together, whether it was at school, at home or at the dance studio. A lot of people ask how I got along so well with kids that were three and eight years younger than me, but you guys made it easy. Despite constantly stealing my clothes and ruining my things, I can’t really complain about the kind of sisters I was given. Sure, a lot of “it wasn't me” was shouted back in forth, but at the end of the day, I couldn't imagine life without it.

Fast forward to when I left for college. Leaving you two was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do (no offense mom and dad). You were my rocks and the only people who could truly understand my everyday life because you were living it too. I can’t remember a single day of freshman year that I went without mentioning you guys to someone. We wore our matching initial necklaces every day until they broke. As much as leaving you hurt, it also brought us even closer.

To the one who just entered college: You are one of the most inspiring people I know. Hardworking, dedicated and so sure about what you want to do. I’ve always envied that about you. Your will to succeed and finish everything you start is incomparable. I hope you always remember that you are stronger and smarter than you think you are. Work hard, achieve your dreams but don’t forget to take a second to breathe. I know you probably needed to hear that right now.

To my little 8th grader: You are, well, let’s just call it “something else.” As much as I pick on you, I really think you’re one of the most special people on this planet. Maybe it’s because you actually look like me, but I’ve always seen so much of myself in you. Hopefully, you think that’s a good thing! You never let anyone change how you present yourself and that’s really hard to do in middle school. Watching you be so successful in dance makes me so proud, and I honestly live vicariously through you. Not a lot of siblings with an eight-year difference can say they have as much fun as we do together. After all, what could a college senior and an eighth-grader do that they’d both enjoy?

At the end of the day, I’m the person I am today because I have you two, and I don’t get to say thank you as much as I’d like to. A lot of people out there don’t get to experience having a sibling and even more don’t get to experience having two. I bet it is very rare for someone to experience having two that they are incredibly close to. In short words, we are blessed. More blessed than we could ever imagine. As we continue on in our lives, move away and grow older, I hope we never grow apart because I will forever and always be your biggest cheerleader.