An Open Letter to Candy Corn Haters

Dear haters of one of the greatest candies on Earth,

I know that you think you have the superior opinion when it comes to matters of a certain seasonal treat, but you are simply wrong. I am saddened by the thought of so many people sharing such an absurd thought as the one that you hold - that candy corn is disgusting. The sugary candy, however, is, in fact, one of the most misunderstood treats that does not deserve the controversial spotlight that it is constantly placed under, and here’s why:

Candy corn is an icon of fall. As often as people like to say that apple picking, pumpkin carving and sipping hot cider are the biggest hallmarks of the season, they are simply lying to themselves if they leave the tri-colored treat out of their list. Although it can be found in stores all year round if you search hard enough, it truly shines during the time of year when the temperature is dropping. Fall without candy corn would be like a movie without popcorn, just sad. The orange, yellow and white stripes on the candy mimic the colors of the changing leaves, emphasizing how vibrant this time of year can be.

Candy corn is simple. It is not a candy that tries to be something it is not. Instead of loading itself with various flavors and textures, it is truly great in its purest form. Hints of vanilla hide in the sweet, sugary taste, lending a minimal yet delicious flavor profile. In addition, the lack of chocolate, caramel or other common candy ingredients ensures that it does not melt. This makes it the perfect portable snack because it is not messy.

Most people claim that the candy is too sweet for them, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I assume that they are just within the unfortunate group that is eating candy corn the wrong way. Just like many other candies, candy corn is to be enjoyed in moderation. Yes, the treat is incredibly sugary but if you only eat a few pieces, you will not be overwhelmed. A sweet craving is quickly satisfied by just a handful of the fun kernels.

This argument is one that I cannot be swayed on, and I know that after understanding these few points about candy corn, the haters will be able to recognize their mistake in saying that candy corn is horrible and respectfully change their opinion.

Candy corn is an underdog in the world of sweets, and its time to be recognized for its good qualities is now. I mean come on, it is 2019 people, we need some candy equality!

With the sweetest (and corniest) wishes,

Candy corn lovers