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     Let me start off by saying theSkimm is my secret weapon to surviving the semester. It keeps me in the know even when I am on the go! It is an e-mail newsletter that arrives in your inbox at 6:00am every Monday through Friday. It summarizes and breaks down the latest news stories so its readers are familiar with and fully understand current events. Below is a snippet from today's daily Skimm.

     This newsletter is witty and extremely easy to follow. TheSkimm is convenient because you can read it on the bus, while you are waiting for class to begin, or even before you get out of bed.  Personally, it helps me ace quizzes and exams in my classes and often saves me in conversations! Best part? It is free! They read, You Skimm. Click HERE to sign up and join the #skimmlife!


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Sarah Cahn

Kent State

Ciao! My name is Sarah and I am a graduate student working towards my MBA. I graduated from Kent in May with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I am a gluten free world traveler, wine lover, and Olsen enthusiast.
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