Ohio City is the place to be

This quirky Cleveland neighborhood has so much to offer its visitors. From restaurants to bookstores Ohio City is truly a place that anyone can enjoy. I have lived outside of Cleveland my whole life, so I've had the pleasure of visiting some of these amazing places while on day trips with my friends. Since Ohio City is less than an hour from Kent, I’m going to tell you a little about some of my favorite places in this unique and energetic town.

1.West Side Market

One of the first places I ever visited in Ohio City was the West Side Market. I have continued making trips ever since then just to enjoy the atmosphere and snacks. Essentially, the market is a huge historic warehouse filled with individual vendors. On every corner there is a completely different product. From meats, cheese, fudge and homemade goods they really have it all. Also, inside the market itself there is the West Side Market Café. This café has the old-school diner feel along with some amazing breakfast foods that will fill you up.


2. TownHall

After collecting a whole bunch of snacks at the West Side Market, it’s time to get some dinner. One of my personal favorite dinner spots is TownHall. What makes this restaurant even more enjoyable is the fact that they have board games you can play while eating your food. Along with this, they also have vegan options! The environment is so relaxed, it’s hard not enjoy yourself while eating a delicious dinner along with playing some fun board games.


3. Support the local businesses

At this point of the day your stomach is probably filled from all the amazing food you’ve been scarfing down. Now is the best time to walk around and visit some of the local businesses, and some cute pictures all around the neighborhood. One interesting stop that I enjoy is City Salvage. This is a shop that specializes in fixing up old furniture and giving the pieces a whole new life. I find it very inspiring to walk through and see what they have designed. Another stop that I have heard great reviews about is Horizontal Books. This is a book store that is located right on the main strip in Ohio City. I have not been here personally, but many of my friends have said that it is paradise for any book lover.

4. Picture opportunities

Now on to one of the most important parts of any trip, pictures. I always feel the need to take as many pictures as possible so I have lots of options for Instagram and Twitter. One place that is an absolute must for pictures is the “Before I Die, I Want To…” wall. This wall is so unique and is so interesting to read. Everyone who visits the wall has the chance to answer the previous question and write the answer in chalk on the wall. Every time you go back to visit it will read something different, and that is what makes it so interesting. My best tip for other pictures is to simply just walk around the neighborhood itself. There are walls with colorful artwork and keep your eyes open for quirky backgrounds outside of the restaurants! 

5. Mitchell’s ice cream

Lastly, I am going to encourage you to check out my favorite place in Ohio City. Mitchell’s ice cream is an absolute must for anyone visiting. The location in Ohio City is so unique and interesting. When you walk into the ice cream parlor, there is a glass wall that allows you to see directly into the factory where they make all the ice cream from scratch.


Now you are ready for your own trip! Be sure to take a lot of pictures and go with an empty stomach!