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Even though the last episode of the hit comedy TV show, “The Office” aired years ago, the show remains as popular as ever. Loyal fans can still be found quoting infamous one-liners and dressing up as their favorite characters for Halloween. 

One of the most loved parts of the show is the sweet office romance that develops between co-workers turned soulmates, Pam and Jim. Often referred to as the heart of the show, the wholesome romance between the pair continuously causes viewers to swoon. 

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While the couple shares several iconic moments on screen, one of the most well-loved interactions between the two happens when Jim gives Pam a teapot during the secret Santa gift exchange in season two. And spoiler alert! The teal treasure makes a reappearance in season nine. 

The story begins during the season two episode entitled, “Christmas Party.” The entire staff is partaking in a secret Santa gift exchange in which Jim gets to buy his long-time office crush, Pam, a gift. He decides to fill a teal teapot with memorabilia of their best times together, including a cassette, his high school yearbook photo, two hot sauce packets and countless other knick-knacks. Most importantly, he includes a letter. Viewers can only guess what’s inside. 

However, when goofy manager, Micheal Scott, decides to turn the secret Santa into a Yankee swap, Pam chooses an iPod over the teapot and Jim’s rival Dwight ends up with the teapot. The viewers’ hearts bleed for Jim until it’s revealed that Pam swapped with Dwight to get the teapot once again. Before Pam can notice the card that comes with it, Jim sneakily takes the letter back. 

For seasons after, fans are left wondering relentlessly: what was written in the letter!

Finally, the answer arrives in the season nine episode, “A.A.R.M.” By this point, Jim and Pam are married. Unexpectedly, however, problems plague their marriage. Jim, with help from the camera crew, creates a video of their best memories (and coincidentally fans’ favorite moments) that ends with the clip of Jim taking the letter back in season two. This is when Jim finally presents the letter to Pam. She reads it, only saying “I’ll never say what it said, but just know it was perfect.”

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Luckily for fans, the story of the teapot and the letter doesn’t end there. In her podcast, “Office Ladies,” Jenna Fisher (Pam), divulges to listeners what was really written in the card. She says that John Krasinski (Jim), wrote her a personal letter detailing what their time playing Jim and Pam together meant to him. Although she’ll never divulge the specifics, viewers can assume it was very touching as Jenna’s reaction as Pam is genuine to the words she is reading. 

Today, the teal teapot is instantly recognizable to anyone who has watched “The Office” In fact, a gift involving the teapot is perfect for your favorite fan. If you prefer the literal route, you can buy a tea set that has several references painted on the teal teapot and cups. If you want a more subtle and personal touch, there are replica teapots available on Amazon. You can then fill it with your own shared memories such as notes, movie stubs or any other trinkets. As a fan of “The Office” who has received this gift, I can guarantee it’s a winner. 

One of the tell-tale signs of a good TV show is the impact it has on its audience. Even though the show has been off-air for years, “The Office” still touches fans, new and old alike. Its relatable characters, especially Jim and Pam, resonate with viewers because they are realistic, yet hopeful. If you have never watched the show, you may not understand why the full-circle story of the teapot is impactful. But those of us who have, know “it was perfect.”


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