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The New Girl Main Characters Ranked

From Schmidt's comments that land him putting his extra cash into the “Douchebag Jar,” to Nick’s undiagnosed depression, the characters on New Girl provide their audience with the perfect amount of personality to make anyone laugh. While it may seem incredibly hard to rank the six, amazing main characters, I am here today to do just that. Let’s get started.


First off we’ve got Winston who, in my humble opinion, is an extremely underrated character. Winston provides an insane amount of laughs each episode. Whether it’s him slipping on a banana peel, making a self-deprecating joke, or being oblivious to almost everything all the time, Winston never fails to supply audiences with a good laugh. Winston is truly kind-hearted, and definitely the most loveable character on New Girl.


Next on the list, we’ve got Schmidt. While I tell all my friends I would love to date Schmidt, I know that if I ever met a man like him in real life, I’d run very far away. Nevertheless, something about Schmits' comments make him a very charming character to viewers. He provides a type of humor different from any other character in the show. Schmidt is never trying to be funny, he’s always just being himself. He never realizes that the things he's saying are not normal, instead, they're hilariously far from normal. Also, Schmidt is very eager to love and also still childish at heart. This is what makes his character loveable as well, putting him at spot number two on my list.


Next we’ve got Nick, the unlikely heartthrob of New Girl. Nick is always struggling mentally, which adds some unlikely and unique humor to his character. What makes Nick extremely funny is all of his very expressive facials. Many viewers can relate to Nick because he's constantly stressed out and his life always seems to be falling apart. This makes him one of the more relatable characters of New Girl.


What to say about Cece? Cece is Jess’ other half, which luckily for us viewers, helps Jess be less annoying. She’s Jess’ “cool friend.” Cece is a huge part of Schmidt's character, which provides for more funny Schmidt moments. Overall, Cece is a pretty bland character but she adds more plots and excitement to the show.


Jess is quite frankly annoying but she is the whole reason for the plot of the show, so we have to give her some credit. Some people say she gets less annoying as the seasons go on, while others say that she gets more annoying. Either way, all viewers can agree that she’s annoying at some point during the show. I also have to acknowledge the positive sides of Jess, though. She dates a lot of different people with completely different personalities, which makes the show extremely funny to watch. Jess also really helps Nick open up. When they first date in seasons one and two, you can tell that because of Jess, Nick’s personality emerges more and makes him a more interesting character.


I didn’t want to put Coach last. Well honestly, I didn’t want to put any of these characters last, but somebody had to be it, so here we are. Coach isn’t present for the first two seasons, other than the first episode and he leaves again in season four, so we kinda forget about him during those seasons. When he comes back, it’s really not the most exciting thing. While he adds a lot of fun to the show, he just isn’t as prevalent as some of the other characters.

Overall, each of these characters is near and dear to my heart. New Girl is my comfort show and that's all because of the amazing cast. If you haven't watched New Girl, I hope you do after reading this. 

Aislinn Foran

Kent State '24

Aislinn Foran is a Junior Public Relations Major with minors in Women's Studies and Media Literacy. She is the current President of the Kent State Her Campus Chapter, as well as being apart of CHAARG and PRSSA. Aislinn loves all things social media and dreams of one day having her dream job in New York City.
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