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With the thought of getting my own nipples pierced stuck in my head for months, I finally went through with it. Surprisingly I found many misconceptions about nipple piercing while doing my research before getting it done. Now the myths are finally #EXPOSED


Myth: You can never breastfeed

First and foremost, THIS IS A LIE, LADIES! These holes do not interfere with any milk making or producing, nor logically should they. Mom’s do wait till the piercing is healed before trying to breastfeed as well as take out the piercing before trying to breastfeed your child so they do not get sick from the jewelry.

Myth: You will lactate in three ways

This one is slightly true. No, it will not be like a hose squirting in three ways but moms have reported leaking from the sides. And there is nothing wrong with this! Just make sure you wash your nipples sometime after breastfeeding and before putting the jewelry back in.

Myth: The actual piercing will be the worst pain you have ever experienced

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but I guarantee that it will not be the worst pain in your life. I got mine done at the same time, a double whammy, and I was surprised how little I felt. Yes, the initial poke hurts, I think my exact words were “Fu*cking hell” but once the piercer got the jewelry on, I only felt a chafing sensation.

Myth: There is no bleeding

A person just stabbed a hole through your body, of course, there is going to be blood. Bleeding is completely normal after getting your nipples pierced. The normal time they should bleed for is a little over 48 hours. After the initial poke, the bleeding should not be flowing but just spotting. If bleeding continues or is excessive seek a medical professional.

Myth: Your nipples/boobs are too big/small

LIES, LIES, LIES! My piercer showed me an album of her work and after about the 20th nipple I realized anyone looks good with pierced nipples. From Rihanna to me a little small town girl with little small town boobs. If you want your nipples pierced, get them done. You will not regret it.

After getting my nipples pierced, I have gained so much confidence. Before big presentations, I think to myself I have a secret that they don’t know or if I can get my nipples pierced this should not hurt that bad. I have yet to regret getting my nipples pierced.  


Lindsay Syms

Kent State '21

Lindsay Syms is a freshman at Kent State University, studying global public health. She likes to read and write and paint, while listening to good jams and eating Swiss rolls.
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