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My guide to dining at Walt Disney World

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I love visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for so many reasons, but the food and snacks are definitely the best reason to plan a trip to the parks in my opinion. The food at the Florida parks is so good that I have decided to move to Walt Disney World this August to participate in the Disney College Program.

Okay, that is not the only reason I am packing up and heading down to the parks, but it is a big driving factor. Since I am playing up the Disney dining scene so much, I think it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite snacks and meals with all of you.

Mickey Pretzel with cheese
Photo of Mickey Pretzel at WDW
Original photo by EmilyJo Jaeger

This salty treat is a Disney classic. This warm and doughy pretzel is always one of the first snacks that I go for when I first arrive at Walt Disney World. The good thing about this treat is that it can be found in almost any park or resort on Disney property.

Pizza at Via Napoli
Photo of pizza at WDW
Original photo by EmilyJo Jaeger

Last summer I got the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy and I had pizza at least once a day so I was struggling to find authentic Italian pizza upon returning to the States. Via Napoli in the Italy pavilion, EPCOT has the best authentic Italian pizza that could feed a whole family. You can also purchase individual slices outside the restaurant if you cant stomach a whole family-sized pizza.

Bread Service at Sanaa
Photo of bread service at WDW
Original photo by EmilyJo Jaeger

Inside the amazing and unique Animal Kingdom resort is an amazing restaurant called Sanaa. Before your main course, you have to try the amazing bread service with the best assortment of dips and spreads. Additionally, this restaurant has an amazing view of a savannah full of beautiful animals.

Anything at beaches and cream
Photo of milkshake at WDW
Original photo by EmilyJo Jaeger

Beaches and Cream at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort have some of the most extreme ice cream creations. They have extravagant milkshakes and sundaes as well as a kitchen sink, a sundae made with all available ice cream flavors, a whole bottle of whipped cream, and all the toppings in the restaurant, served in a literal kitchen sink.

School bread at Norway pavilion
Photo of schoolbread at WDW
Original photo by EmilyJo Jaeger

Looking for a light snack while making your way across EPCOT stop at the Germany pavilion for the delicious school bread. This is a sweet bread filled with cream and topped with sweet coconut flakes. This is a must-get on all of my Walt Disney World trips.

family-style breakfast at the Garden Grill restaurant
Photo of buffet breakfast at WDW
Original photo by EmilyJo Jaeger

The garden grille restaurant doesn’t just have an amazing view of the Living with the Land ride it has the best family-style breakfast. You have plenty of options with this breakfast spread including, bacon, hash browns, eggs and much much more.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup at Pop Eats Booth

Lastly, if you are visiting EPCOT during any of its festivals you can stop by the Pop Eats booth and get the best grilled cheese and tomato soup. My favorite is the bacon and green tomato grilled cheese with tomato soup that comes in a cute reusable paint can cup.

Photo of Pop Eats grilled cheese and tomato soup at WDW
Original photo by EmilyJo Jaeger

Next time you find yourself at Walt Disney World, please try some of my favorite Disney foods and I hope you aren’t disappointed. The great thing about a property so big there is food and snacks for everyone in the family or group to enjoy.

EmilyJo Jaeger

Kent State '23

EmilyJo Jaeger is a senior journalism major at Kent State University. She is a writer and reporter for HerCampus, KentWired, and The Burr Magazine. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, cooking, doing yoga, and reading. Her favorite genres of books are fantasy, romance, and thrillers. EmilyJo fell in love with reading and writing when she was very young and now she enjoys writing about pop culture and wellness for young adult audiences.