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My Favorite Easy-Going Styling Techniques for Summer

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Sometimes the want to dress cute in the summer can be overthrown by the overwhelmingly hot days or unseasonably cold days. Don’t fret! I have super cute outfit formulas you can follow to have the hot girl summer you deserve! I’ve compiled six of my favorite ways to style summer outfits. The great thing is, the following “formulas” I’ve compiled are super simple and can be done with staples found in any closet or that can be purchased easily wherever you like to shop.

Sundress/Linen Shirt Combonation

One of my most recent favorites when it comes to styling a cute summer outfit is the sundress and tied linen shirt combo. I love this look because it can be a way to make a sundress seem more casual, especially if you throw on some tennis shoes to complete the look.

T-shirt over sundress

Another great way of making a dress look casual so you can wear them while running errands and still feel comfortable is to wear a baby tee or tied t-shirt over your dress. I love being able to make dresses look casual because they are such a summer staple in my closet, but I don’t necessarily want to look ostentatious on my outing to the grocery store.


Rompers are a great option for those who want the cute sundress look, but are not comfortable wearing dresses. A romper can give you the “flowy” look you’re going for, while providing the more comfortable aspects of shorts. Below is a picture of an Abercrombie romper I thrifted and how I styled it. A white linen button down, a lace bralette and some low rise converse. Simple, cute and super comfortable!

Sweater Tying

I love the option of tying a sweater across the chest because it is perfect for anyone who is prone to getting cold in air conditioned restaurants, cafes and stores. On a warm day, I of course want to dress for the weather, but there is always the possibility of getting cold. Whether it is when the sun goes down or due to sitting in air conditioning for too long, it is bound to happen. When I style an outfit with a sweater tied across my chest, I can enjoy my outfit in warm weather without getting overheated, but I also have the option to put my sweater on if it gets too cold.

Plus, I think it can be a simple, but super cute way to elevate any outfit. You can also tie a sweater over so many outfits without disrupting the vibe. You can tie cardigans, pullover sweaters, crewneck sweaters and even button down shirts if a sweater feels too bulky or you want a lighter option!

Bathing Suits

I know, I know, you may be skeptical of this one, but bathing suits can make super cute one pieces if paired with some shorts or a skirt. And bikini tops can double as bralettes! I personally love this option because I haven’t had many opportunities these past few summers to wear my bathing suits, so there they sit, unused and collecting dust,*tear falls*.

By using a bikini top as bralette, I’m able to justify the fact that I thought I needed a new bathing suit last summer because I saw a super cute one at Aerie. Below is a halter bikini top I paired with denim shorts and an oversized linen button-down.

Blouse and Jeans

For those colder summer days, a flowy blouse paired with some simple jeans can still give you the cute and easygoing summer look. Because this formula is an extremely simple one, the jeans can be replaced with denim shorts or a skirt for warmer days. Truly, a blouse/flowy tank paired with any typical summer attire on the bottom makes for a simple, effortlessly cute outfit. You can wear tennis shoes to keep things casual or add a nice sandal to dress the look up a bit.

I hope this list has provided you with inspiration to put together plenty of cute outfits to last the summer or to style some items in your closet you haven’t worn yet or don’t wear often!

Molly Acquard

Kent State '25

Molly Acquard is a junior studying fashion design and creative writing at Kent State University. She is from Buffalo, NY and a huge Sabres hockey fan. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music and doing thrift flips. This is her second semester in Her Campus, and on the editorial team.