The Most Fashionable Spooky Ladies

A list of some ladies who we love during this season of Halloween!

  1. 1. Mortica Addams the Queen of Halloween 

    The queen of Halloween, herself. She had to be number one on this list. She is dedicated to living the haunted lifestyle whilst always looking gorgeous in that long dress that shows off her curves. 

  2. 2. Lydia the Beetlejuice Bride 

    Because Lydia has a strange and unusual wedding to an evil ghost, she would, of course, never wear something as boring as white. Wearing the boldest of red dresses, Lydia gave us an iconic Halloween look. She also made being goth cool. 

  3. 3. Myrtle Snow the Supreme of Witch Fashion 

    Though Mrytle Snow of American Horror Story never got to be the Supreme that never stopped her from turning a look. Always rocking bold colors, the wonderful Mrytle Snow is the most fashionable of all the coven. 

  4. 4. We are the Fashionable Ones, Mister 

    The girls in The Craft got very into witchcraft so their style had to evolve with them. They spice up their boring school uniforms with gothic, rock 'n' roll style touches.

  5. 5. The Sanderson Sisters 

    The Sanderson sisters weren't your typical kind of stylish witches. Just because they were evil they didn't want to be limited to just black. They liked to embrace fun, spunky colors that showed off their personalities beyond them having the wish to eat children. 

  6. 6. In Vogue Beetlejuice 

    Gigi Hadid normally is not a spooky stylish lady, but last year Vogue brought the Hadid family together and they made a spoof of the Beetlejuice dinner scene. It's very fun and includes some great designer looks. Gigi's, in particular, is really awesome. (It's Marc Jacobs, and I wish I could wear it every day of my life.)

  7. 7. Bold Elvira 

    Elvira, the mistress of the dark, knows how to rock a bold Halloween get-up. Rocking long raven hair, a bold eye look and a long slit, few could pull off, but Elvira makes it look effortless. This woman invented the slutty Halloween look. 

Have a spooky and stylish Halloween!