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Sometimes I like to believe that I know a thing or two about makeup. Maybe I can’t apply eyeliner sharp enough to cut someone or blend my crease to look as smooth as butter, but I watch enough tutorials on YouTube to understand what is going on. I’ve been watching YouTube videos since middle school. I started putting on makeup in middle school as well, but I didn’t start getting into makeup tutorials until the summer before my freshman year of high school. Once I discovered beauty gurus, I was shocked. Their flawless faces and beautifully blended eyeshadows only persuaded me to go out to CVS and Target and search for the exact products they had. As new brands emerged, and new artists made videos on YouTube, I discovered brands that weren’t just in the drugstore. I found myself searching the internet for more and more. 

One brand in particular that I heard about way more than others was Morphe. I was so skeptical of this brand at first because all the YouTubers I watched that mentioned them would have a coupon code immediately following. This is why I never wanted to buy or try Morphe. I assumed that YouTubers were not being genuine when advertising the brand. I used E.L.F. brushes, and I tried Sonia Kashuk’s until I finally caved. Once Morphe products hit Ulta, I was sold. It was my first time being able to see the brand in person. After a few swatches of the 35V Stunning Vibes Artistry Pallete, I fell in love.

The added bonus was that it was $24! There were 35 shades for only $24. Not to mention, the colors are stunning, and every time I do my eyeshadow I get compliments on the way it looks. I even bought a few brushes that didn’t make a huge dent in my wallet. It was fascinating to me that this brand had been around for so long, but I wasn’t completely on board. I love that Morphe is priced reasonably. I can buy their products without feeling guilty afterward. I also love that they maintain a higher quality. After leaving Ulta that day, I was so excited to try out my new Morphe buys. 

I think that after this experience, I will definitely be more open to trying new brands even if they are advertised more than others. 

Junior at Kent State University Fashion Merchandising major with a Fashion Media minor I've been writing for Her Campus for about a year now!
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