Morgan Ainsworth on Loving Others and Joining a Sorority

Name: Morgan Lee Ainsworth

Year: Sophomore

Major: Special Education

Hometown: Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Her Campus: How did you know you wanted to go into Special Education?

Morgan Ainsworth: I’ve known all my life that I wanted to be in education but over the past few years I was given the opportunity to work with some great kids who are disabled and I fell in love with them and their endless positivity! I so feel happy and humbled when I’m around them and I think it would be so incredible to spend my life teaching and encouraging them.

HC: That’s so great! What's one thing you wish people knew about these sweet kids?

MA: I think a common misconception is that people think kids with disabilities have so much to learn and are incapable of many basic things, but really it is us non-disabled people that have so much to learn from them! They love others unconditionally and have a joy inside of them that is inspiring to see. Every time I see them I get huge smiles and big hugs!

Morgan and one of her best friends Dorothy Mae Thornton. They cheered together in high school and have been friends ever since!

HC: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

MA: I would love to have my own dance studio, especially for children and adults with different abilities, where I can do dance therapy in order to calm them and give them a fun way to get moving! I have danced my whole life and want to share my love of it with others.

HC: Awesome! You’re also in a sorority, right?

MA: Yes! I’m in Phi Mu here at Kent!

Morgan and one of her sorority sisters, Rachel.

HC: Recruitment is coming up soon. Any advice for girls who are still on the fence about joining a sorority?

MA: I would say just go through recruitment and see what you think! Just because you go through does not mean you have to actually accept a bid. So there’s still time to decide. Personally, being in a sorority has been incredible and I have found so many sweet and interesting girls that share my values and love for helping others. I think you should at least give it a chance!

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