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Makeup Looks to Practice While You’re Stuck at Home

I don’t know about anyone else, but as much as I don’t mind wearing sweats 24/7, I miss being able to do my makeup everyday. For the past few weeks of quarantine, my big activities for the day have been logging onto my classes online and listening to podcasts while walking circles around my neighborhood. So, with many of our current work, school and social lives on hold there’s really no reason to get up in the morning and beat our faces with products. However, the next time boredom strikes, it’s the perfect time to practice new and exciting makeup looks you’ve always wanted to try but have maybe been scared to mess up. Now is a great chance to get creative, and master a look that will make you stand out once we’re all allowed to emerge from our homes again. 

The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Everyone knows the perfect winged liner look, but not everyone knows how tricky applying this simple eye makeup can be. Maybe you’re a first-timer seeking the quickest and easiest way to achieve that classic black cat-eye. Or, you are someone looking to get creative with neons and pastel eyeliners for a colorful play on a classic look. Whichever style you’re going for, speaking from personal experience my best advice is practice makes perfect. For products, any eyeliner liquid or pencil you have stashed in your makeup collection will work, but one of my personal favorites is Wet n Wild’s megaliner liquid eyeliner

False Lashes

Like the winged eyeliner, false lashes can be quite tricky to master and take some practice getting used to. There are so many different shapes, lengths and sizes to choose from so take some time deciding which ones are right for you. Maybe you bought some for a special event and still have a few leftover and haven’t worn them since. Now is a great time to practice applying lashes and getting used to wearing them around for the day. 

The Infamous Smokey Eye

There are so many different versions that have come out of the infamous smokey eye makeup. This look can actually be pretty simple with no more than a few shades or super glamorous and complex. Break out the eye brushes and try out any version of the look you like or get creative and try a complicated look you have never thought of before. Any eye palette with different shades of browns, blacks and greys will work to create a smokey eye, however a palette I would recommend is the Morphe 35OS Nature Glow Shimmer Palette

That “Summer Glow”

With summer right around the corner (hopefully, we’ll be able to leave sometime during the season) it is the best time to get summer-ready by practicing that glowing bronzed makeup look. This look often requires a bronze shimmery eye, glossy lips, dewy skin and a striking highlighter. Some of my favorite products to use during the summertime are the L’OREAL Paris True Match Lumi Glotion for my skin, Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, Jeffree Star Liquid Frost and the Jeffree Star The Gloss lip gloss

A Bold Lip

A bold lip is definitely an eye-catcher, and there’s just about any color to choose from. The most classic bold lip to try out is a shade of red lip. To achieve this look flawlessly it’s important to use an edible sugar lip scrub to make sure lips are smooth, a liquid or stick lipstick and the same shade of lip liner. For each of these products, I would recommend Jeffree Star Cosmetics for the best quality products. Depending on how crazy you’re willing to get with a bold lip some of my other favorite colors to try are black, dark brown, hot pink and gold.

Amanda Vogt is a sophomore at Kent State University and is from the suburbs of Rochester New York. Her studies include a major in fashion merchandising as well as a minor in creative writing. She has always loved writing and used to spend her days in math and science class coming up with short stories instead of calculating numbers. She is also an avid lover of all things fashion and makeup related and has been interested in the industry ever since she was little. She hopes to live in a big city after college with an unhealthy amount of dogs.
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