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A Look At Three Lesser Known Sustainable Fashion Brands

With the fashion industry being one of the top polluters in the world, it is important we start changing the way we shop as consumers. In my mind, the best way to do this is to ditch fast fashion (or at least cut back) and adapt to slow fashion. Slow fashion is the process in which companies produce and release products at a slower rate and we purchase more quality items less often as customers. This concept can be hard to get accustomed too as the initial prices are much higher than we are used to, but transitioning to this quality over quantity mindset will help us get more bang for our buck in the long run. With higher quality pieces that last longer and less frequent shopping occasions, we can actually end up saving money in the slow fashion cycle, all while being friendlier to the planet. Popular sustainable fashion brands such as Reformation are paving the way for a more eco-friendly industry, however, I find it extremely important to support smaller sustainable businesses as they fight to make a name for themselves and to also improve the fashion industry. So, here are three of the lesser-known sustainable brands I have recently discovered.


Founded in 2013, LACAUSA is a Los Angeles based company producing apparel, swimwear and accessories. Translated from Spanish La Causa means “The Cause” and according to the brand website its cause is to “make quality garments with California ease, always under ethical conditions.” I love the timeless, yet current styles LACAUSA produces. The classic designs with a twist are the perfect pieces to invest in as they will last throughout the seasons.



OhSevenDays produces apparel made from reclaimed materials. Based in Istanbul and launched in 2015, this brand promotes slow fashion and clearly states their sustainability and transparency practices with easy to understand visuals. With beautiful original designs and a brand personality that vibrantly flows throughout the website, OhSevenDays makes being nicer to the environment look effortless.


Started by Daniel Vosovic, a past participant of Project Runway, THE KIT is a brand that mixes masculine and feminine in creative designs for the modern woman. In the sustainability sector, THE KIT minimizes fabric waste in their production cycle and they also print their patterns on demand, meaning no water or ink is used unless a garment has been purchased. The brand also has a goal of printing on sustainable material only but for now prints only on natural fibers.   

Giving love to small sustainable businesses is an amazing way to support the goal of moving the fashion industry forward into a more environmentally friendly future. Even if you aren't interested in these brands, they are too pricey or you aren't in need of new clothing, keep in mind the other ways you can be more sustainable with apparel. Thrifting and vintage shopping, donating unwanted clothing and making an effort to shop less fast fashion are all ways you can contribute to making a change for the better of the earth.

Haley Tiepelman

Kent State '20

Haley is a Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State University and is minoring in Fashion Media. Along with fashion, she loves music and attending concerts, especially in her hometown of St.Louis.
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