A List of Home Tours For When You Are Bored In the House, In the House Bored

As quarantine continues on into April, you probably are getting very sick of your home. You’ve been spending more time in it than you have ever wanted to, and the cabin fever is starting to set in because you can only walk around the block of your neighborhood so many times. In these times of strife, any form of escapism you can find can be a great solace.

Personally, one of my forms of escapism that I most delight in is YouTube apartment and/or home tours. They are perfect because you get to go explore a new place without breaking the guidelines of quarantine.  I love exploring peoples' homes and I think it gives you a more personal look into what type of person they are and what quirky little things they are an avid collector of.  You get to see if they enjoy clutter or have hopped on the minimalism bandwagon. I watched Dita Von Teese’s home tour and it’s just filled to the brim with vintage furniture and vintage taxidermy animals. As soon as you virtually walk in, you are teleported into her world.

Home tours also give you inspiration for how to decorate your own home. You are spending all your time in it so you could spruce it up. Move furniture around for a new perspective, DIY some decorations or maybe paint a room a new funky color. Maybe they make you realize you love minimalism, so you free your life of clutter by cleaning out your closet and get rid of stuff you don’t want anymore. If you’re at your parents' house and your room is the same as it’s been since you were in middle school, now is your chance to give it a little makeover.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite home tour Youtube channels to fill some hours of quarantine!


  1. 1. Refinery 29: My Sweet Digs 

    Refinery 29 has a series called my sweet digs where they tour peoples' apartments in New York City and L.A. This is the most realistic option of the home tours. They mostly tour young professionals’ apartments, so most of the living situations aren't outlandish, and the decor would be feasible to buy if you stayed on a strict budget. These tours give you good ideas for decorating in small spaces with creative storage ideas. 

  2. 2. Nowness: My Place 

    Nowness doesn't do these tours anymore, but I still re-watch all of them because they are very peaceful and the people whose home they tour are very friendly. It almost seems like you have actually been invited into their home. They tour Tavi Gevison's, Florence Welch's and Adwoa Aboah's homes, so you are going into the coolest of the cool ladies' homes. All of these tours are eclectic and every home style is totally original. 

  3. 3. New York Magazine: Interior Lives

    Interior Lives are about opulence and living in the most wonderful and wacky places a person could ever create. The toured Gloria Vanderbilt's apartment, so it doesn't give you relatable home inspiration. However, you get to see some of the most beautiful antique furniture in the world. Some of the other homes they tour are more like art exhibitions than homes; watching these videos and eating a piece of chocolate cake is a similar sensation. 

  4. 4. Architectural Digest: Open Door 

    Architectural Digest takes you into celebrity homes, so this is when you get to see a lot of minimalism design aesthetic. It's not all minimalism, though. You do get a better idea of what these stars are like in person and what they enjoy and value. Also, they have really cool homes that you would never get to see otherwise.